Texas Instruments

The American company Texas Instruments relates to the forefront of the silicon giants, who for decades set new trends in the development of electronics. To the offer TI, in addition to the vast collections of analog circuits, analog-to-digital or innovation on a global scale MEMS chip, you will also find effective and modern microcontrollers are designed for all possible industries, from electronic toys after device, military, aerospace and medical. Now You can start to work on the TI processors, and this will help You the modules and the compatible accessories available in our store.


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Processors for any application

Developers sets examination series Texas Instruments LaunchPad for two main purposes: low, attractive price and ease of launch, without having to invest in expensive devices for programming and debugging. Modules allow you to start working with systems belonging to various families of TI microcontrollers. One of them is present on the market for more than a dozen last the MSP430 family that contains a number of systems with ultra low power consumption and a wide range of embedded devices. The MSP430 microcontrollers is an attractive alternative to the popular AVR or PIC, providing, in addition to improved parameters, as well as exceptional ease of programming. At the other end of the scale opportunities are a very powerful ARM microcontrollers, including whether the Stellaris Tiva™ C is designed for demanding applications.

Super low power consumption, the traditional housing

Module MSP-EXP430G2L contain an embedded debugger USB connection to the UART, which if necessary can be easily disconnected from the microcontroller through the open goldpinów. Thus, the debugger can be used for programming of the external processor. Can be applied to microcontrollers in DIP14 and DIP20 housings, and external devices and additional modules can be connected via goldpin connectors for which soldering pads located on the edges of the plate. On the Board there was a place for useful extras, such as a microswitch if the LEDs that will let you write and run is the first, simple programs, before the module to use more sophisticated extensions.

Microcontrollers for professionals

If you are looking for an effective microcontroller-capable application does not need more power, please note the new Texas Instruments Tiva™ TM4C123GH6PM C is a 32-bit processor core ARM® Cortex™-M4 with a clock frequency up to 80 MHz and equipped with 256 KB Flash and 32 KB RAM. On Board you will find, in particular, a CANbus controller, a USB 2.0 controller capable of operating in all modes and the two fast ADC converters. In turn, the system TM4C1294NCPD can work with frequency up to 120MHz, has 1 MB Flash and 256 KB RAM. To get You started, we have prepared miniature computers with these processors, as well as all needed accessories to help You quick start. The tiles have built-in basic add-ins and an outer extension connected with goldpinów.