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The proposed store Botland literature includes books about mikrokontrolerach Atmel AVR, which are among the most popular in today's used programmable electronic systems for embedded systems. The proposed book is intended for a wide audience – from beginners, beginners adventure with programming and systems built, to experienced professionals for which the embedded system design is our daily bread. Make sure what we have planned for You!

Books about mikrokontrolerach AVR – cache fount of knowledge!

How does an analog to digital Converter? What is stack pointer? Why is the watchdog so important? What distinguishes a microcontroller from a microprocessor? How to implement the breakpoint in the code of my program? How to change blinking speed of the display instruction delay? And finally, how to program the microcontroller? To these and other questions answers you will find in our books. You will learn how the microcontroller works from the hardware, including the description and function of each of its findings, and how this is linked with the program code. You will also learn about the principle of operation of systems, peripheral interacting with the microcontroller code and sample programs written in languages such as C, C++, or Assembler. In offer we also have starter kits AVR and not intended for courses contained in books such as “AVR ATmega on the ground”.

The AVR – search, storms, build using very good books!

On offer are Botland books about mikrokontrolerach AVR allows You to do many interesting projects devices, such as automation budynkowa, toys, motor control, lighting device, sensor, electronic musical instruments, and more. Each project, as shown in the book contains an electric diagram of the system with a microcontroller, the program code and a description of the principle of operation of the project. The contents offer us books, in an accessible form to represent the syntax of C and C++ languages, but also abundant a lot of practical tips and recommendations in the aspects of hardware and software AVR microcontrollers.