Programmers AVR

The Atmel AVR is an ideal solution as a small management system for many devices encountered in everyday life. In order for the microcontroller to operate in accordance with the project, writing program and zweryfikowaniem the correctness of its code, it must be loaded into the memory of the microcontroller. With this purpose it is necessary to use the appropriate equipment – programmer mediator between the computer and the microcontroller. Our offered AVR programmer is compatible with most popular Atmel AVR microcontrollers.

Proven, reliable design

We offer in our store programmer compatible with AVR programmer USBasp project Thomas Fischla. Their small size and thoughtful, careful PCB design, easy to plug. The USB interface is controlled via pre-programmed Atmega8 microcontroller on-Board built-in programmer. The AVR programmers allow you to load a previously written programs from the computer to the FLASH memory on-Board AVR microcontroller. Their design is compatible with most of AVR microcontrollers that are available in the market. To download the program to the AVR microcontroller, you must connect the programmer to the USB port on the computer. On the other hand has a tape wieloprzewodowa completed connector in the system output 2x3 or 2x5 conclusions, and in programatorach AVR. Often used connection scheme is 2x3. Output forming the compound is:

MOSI (Master Out Slave In) – a conclusion which is responsible for transferring data from PC to FLASH memory of the microcontroller;

MISO (Master In Slave Out) – output which is responsible for transferring feedback data from the AVR to the computer;

SCK (Serial Clock) – a clock generator is responsible for time synchronization during data exchange between the computer and the on-Board microcontroller programmer;

RESET before programming the microcontroller, it is necessary to apply the output logic state from high to low to reset the memory of the microcontroller;

VTG – auxiliary power supply voltage of 5 V;

GND – ground system.

Useful additional features of the AVR programmers

Design and software programmer AVR allows writing and reading the contents of EEPROM contents of FLASH memory containing the program and set configuration bits and the lock bits are programmed in the database. AVR programmers are working with Windows operating systems, mac os and Linux. The maximum data rate is 5 kbps. All available for download, required to run resetter drivers work on all Windows operating systems and ongoing support, in both 32-bit and 64-bit.