Modules AVR

The small size and the variety of applications is one of the most important advantages of Atmel AVR microcontrollers. The community of users of AVR microcontrollers around the World includes both Amateurs and professionals, so you can easily get help when creating your own project. Offer our online store modules AVR allows you to build many interesting devices. With think about users beginners and experienced, our offer also includes a starting set AVR, with which you will be able to learn the programming and operation of the AVR from the practical side.

What devices can be constructed on the basis of AVR?

Through the use of AVR microcontrollers can be easy to build a variety of devices is expanded with interesting and useful features. The proposed modules allow you to implement applications such as, for example, drivers of electric motors that allow you to choose the suitable torque in real time, as well as wireless communication with other devices in the local network. Also here you will find the drivers of the lighting device sensor and the remote control equipment for model, driving, floating and flying. In commercially available modules AVR Arduino-compatible plates as well as other useful add-ons and extensions in the form of plates, contact and accessories for prototyping.

Starter kits AVR – everything at hand on one PCB

The store is also available Botland powerful starter kits, which include a range of systems, peripheral interacting with the microcontroller. The goal of the designers of the sets of the AVR line was the creation of a platform that will allow the user an understanding of the principles of operation of the microcontroller and the foundations of it-based programming environment AVR studio. On the PCB sets the line you will be able to know specifically how to light up the diode at the hardware and software how to operate the USART and the registers and support for I/o logic, frequency Converter analog-to-digital motor control and segment display, LCD display, switch interface, and many others. Starter kits AVR is also a very good development tool for people experienced in programming microcontrollers.