AVR modules

Compact size and numerous applications can be listed among the most important advantages of Atmel AVR microcontrollers. Due to the fact that AVR microcontrollers are used worldwide by both hobbyists and professionals, you can easily find help when creating your own projects. The AVR modules available in our store will enable you to design many innovative devices.

Products by page

Products by page

On our offer you can also find AVR development kits which help to understand how to program and operate AVR microcontrollers and which are suitable for both beginners and more advanced users.

What devices can be constructed with the use of AVR microcontrollers?

Thanks to the use of AVR microcontrollers you can easily build various devices full of interesting and practical functions. The modules on our offer enable to develop such applications as electric motor controllers which allow you to adjust the right torque in real time or wireless connectivity with other devices operating in the local network. In our online store you will also find lighting drivers, sensor devices and controlling transmitters for driving, floating and flying models. We also offer AVR modules compatible with Arduino boards, as well as other useful elements such as breadboards and prototype accessories.

AVR development kits - everything you need available on one PCB

The Botland online store offers expanded development kits equipped with numerous peripheral systems compatible with the microcontrollers. The designers of AVR development kits wanted to create a platform that, based on the AVR studio environment, would allow the users to find out the basics of microcontroller operation and programming. The PCB boards of the development kits will enable you to learn how to turn on the diode with the use of hardware and software. You will be shown how the USART interface works and how to register and operate input/output switches, analog-to-digital converter, how to control electric motors, segment and LCD displays, touch modules and more. AVR development kits will also be a perfect tool for users experienced in programming microcontrollers.

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