Charger Ni-MH

If you often work with devices that require power batteries, you should buy batteries, the so-called batteries. Using rechargeable batteries can significantly reduce the cost - their service life reaches up to 2000 charge cycles, and among such batteries are Nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries. Batteries to perform its function, you will need to purchase the appropriate charger with intelligent system control charging process.

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Products by page

How does the NiMH battery charger?

Battery charging is, contrary to popular belief, a very complex multistep process that requires the use of appropriate equipment for this. Using a conventional battery charger without charger control, there is a need for manual control of the charging process, as there is a risk of damage to rechargeable batteries. To this end, manufacturers of chargers have developed a number of necessary technical solutions, which safely allow you to charge batteries and NiMH batteries. In intelligent charger, the system control comprises a microprocessor controlling the charge procedure of the battery in real time. When the batteries are already charged, this information is indicated by a message on the LCD display. Then the charger goes into a maintenance mode of the target voltage on the batteries. Because of this, you can easily avoid the possibility of battery damage due to overload.

The perfect solution for charging several batteries simultaneously

The store Botland you will find universal charger from the mains everActive that use the system microprocessor controls the charging process. Depending on needs, you can choose a charger that has 2, 4, 8, 12, or 16 slots for batteries of size AA or AAA. If you are an avid simulation of Your aircraft with remote control equipped with multiple battery modules, it is very good option would be the NiMH battery charger with built-in Redox Beta balanserem, which ensures the correct and uniform loading of the individual packages.