Charger with a lipo - modules

During the creation of his own electronic project, in the installation phase, it may be that the power management system and battery charging is too large to fit in the housing. Small modules of the charger with a lipo very well solve this problem - they feature a simple installation and a small amount of space, making them practical devices. In our offer you will find a wide selection of loaders with a maximum current load matched to the needs of your own electronic project.

Multi-function charger for various battery connections, charging

On offer are Botland modules charging devices on printed circuit BOARDS from vendors like SparkFun, Adafruit DFRobot do, very easy to use. After connecting the charging module with a Micro usb cable to the USB connector in the computer and connect to the JST connector pack lithium-polymer or lithium-ion battery with a nominal voltage of 3.7 V or 4.2 V, and starts the charging process, which is signaled with illumination of the red led. When the battery is charged and ready for operation, green led lights up.

Tips when using modules chargers

The modules of the battery charger should only be used for charging Li-ion and LiPol. In other packages, battery may vary with the nominal voltage, chemical composition, system pinouts of the connectors and polarity, which can damage the package or module of the battery charger. We offer battery charger MCP73831 Adafruit, performs three-stage charge process. After connecting the power pack starts charging the air with precise adjustment of the charging current, after which there is a transition to a phase of rapid charging. After finishing charging, the charger unit switches to maintain the voltage on the battery. Adjusted pre-charge current is 100mA and will be sufficient to fast charge the battery through the module is powered from the USB port. However, if Your battery packs have high capacity, and you need to quickly charge them, just that zlutujesz the jumper on the back side of the Board, and then you will get the output of the charger charging current is up to 500mA. In the kit you will find a cord with JST connector for charging. In our product range is also available small, portable powerbanki large capacity.