Charger for rechargeable batteries

From year to year we use more and more devices. Regardless of their types, all of them have one thing in common - they all discharge. Each of us knows very well how unpleasant it is to discharge the battery in a device that is particularly needed at a given moment. We are irritated by the fact that we suddenly lose the ability to capture the dream frame with a camera, a car that cannot be started before an important trip or a flashlight that suddenly stops working in the dark. Not to mention a discharged computer, tablet or phone. What remains to do?

It is a good practice to take a spare battery (power bank) with you. However, such a device ... also needs to be charged! Do not be surprised and check the chargers for various types of batteries available in our store. In this category of the Botland store, we present the latest battery chargers. Thanks to them you can quickly enlarge the power supply bar and you will be able to enjoy the working device!

Li-Ion battery chargers

Among the batteries, one of the most popular variants are lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries. If your device is powered by removable lithium-ion batteries, the charger for Li-Ion XTAR VC2 18650 batteries will be an excellent choice. The device is powered by a micro USB cable (5V, 1A) and supports a wide range of batteries, starting from size 14500, at 26650 ending. There are two independent sockets in the upper part of this charger. The product is equipped with an adjustable length and a large, multi-segment LCD display with blue backlight. Another model, the everActive LC-2100 charger, also supports the above range of sizes, but it differs from the previously described model both with the innovative display design and power supply (12 V, 1.5 A - power adapter included). This type of battery charger is a convenient, universal and practical solution. You will find plenty of similar examples of great chargers in this category!

Gel battery chargers

Gel batteries are slightly less known types of batteries. It is hardly surprising - they do not appear in telephones or computers. In our store you will also find a range of chargers for gel batteries that are used in cars, motorcycles and UPS power systems. In this group, noteworthy is the small microprocessor charger everActive CBC-1, which fully automatically charges lead-acid, gel and AGM batteries with a capacity from 1.2 Ah, which is important - both the 6-volt and classic ones 12 V. Another interesting solution is the intelligent charger for VRLA, AGM, VLA, SLA, WET and GEL batteries with the designation SBC-61238. This model has a digitally controlled output with a capacity of up to 3.8 A and provides automatic detection of the battery voltage. Relevant convenience, rarely found in car chargers, is the built-in LCD display. Thanks to it, you will always be conveniently informed about the current operating mode of the battery and its current voltage.

Energy management solar modules for embedded systems

It is necessary to mention at this point about a particularly interesting solution, which is the DFRobot DFR0580 Solar Power Manager gel battery charger module. Certainly, the DFRobot brand is already well known to many enthusiasts of programmable electronics. However, this manufacturer has also created an innovative charger that can be useful to practically everyone who creates new DIY constructions.

The DFRobot DFR0580 Solar Power Manager model is a printed circuit board with dimensions of only 68 x 68 mm. Despite such a small size, the manufacturer has placed a lot of interesting solutions on the PCB. Facilities such as DC / DC converters, linear stabilizers should be mentioned. Very important are the built-in protection circuits that provide full control over the charging of the 12-volt gel battery with a DC voltage source of 15-24 V. This module also provides two USB A sockets and 5 and 12 volt outputs for power supply additional devices. Although the basic application of the module is the support for photovoltaic panels, it can be used as a buffer power supply (UPS), e.g. for a Raspberry Pi or Arduino.