Charger for rechargeable batteries

Charger for batteries - Each of us knows perfectly well how annoying the experience, draining the battery in the device for us at the moment, is especially needed. Annoyed by the impossibility of the perfect frame using the camera, the car niedający to run before an important trip or a flashlight in the dark which suddenly stops working. It is good practice to carry a spare battery – but what is its charge? Don't be fooled and check the available in our store chargers for batteries of various types.

Charger for batteries Li-Ion

If Your device works with a replaceable Li-ion battery type "paluszkowego", a smart choice is charger for batteries Li-Ion 18650 XTAR VC2. The device works by using micro USB cable (5 V, 1 A) and supports a wide range of batteries ranging from the size of the 14500, 26650 ending. At the top of the shell of the charger has two independent sockets with the length adjustment and large, the estimated LCD display with blue backlight. EverActive battery charger LC-2100 also supports the above-mentioned range of sizes, it differs from the previously described models as the design of displays and power (12V, 1.5 A – power supply included). This type charger is a convenient, versatile and practical solution.

Charger for gel batteries

In our store you will find different chargers for gel batteries (used, particularly in automobiles, motorcycles or power systems UPS). This group deserves the attention of the microprocessor, a small charger everActive CBC-1, which is fully automatic charges lead-acid batteries, gel and AGM, with a capacity of 1.2 Ah, that is important – both 6-volt and 12 classic V. Another interesting option is a smart charger for rechargeable batteries, VRLA, AGM, VLA, SLA, WET and GEL on the appointment of the SBC-61238. This model has driven the digital output capacity to 3.8 A and provides automatic detection of the battery voltage. A significant convenience, rarely of automotive rectifiers, built-in LCD display indicating the operating mode and current battery voltage.

Module power management for embedded systems

It would be a sin not to mention in this place particularly interesting solution is also available in this category. This module charger for gel batteries company DFRobot DFR0580 Solar Power Manager. On Board the PCB size of only 68 x 68 mm was DC/DC converters, linear regulators and security systems that provide complete control over the download of 12-woltowego gel battery with the DC voltage values in the range of 15 to 24 V. the Module also provides two USB connectors as well As outputs 5 and 12 volts to power additional devices. Although the main application module is a service of photovoltaic panels, it can with equal success to perform the role of a buffer power supply (UPS), for example, for the Raspberry Pi.