LiPol chargers 230V

If the technology and the complexity of the design of electronic thanks to You, every year gets better and better, it is not surprising that manufacturers of spare parts and equipment are on the head to satisfy all users. One example of such elements are, in particular, battery Li-Pol , available in our offer – we recommend you to get acquainted with them personally to improve all of its projects wireless!

Battery Li-Pol – differences and application

Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries (Li-ion), until recently was used in most modern structures, such as mobile phones and e-cigarettes. Characterized by their high performance, low voltage, often used protection maximum discharge, and their only drawback was the size and weight. Today we want to introduce You a technology that has almost the same parameters, but which, I guarantee, miniaturization and the smaller sizes it is, of course, about battery-Li-Pol (lithium-polymer). They differ, first and foremost, much greater flexibility and smaller size (they are thinner so, for example, smartphones are becoming more and more flat).

Many applications of batteries is Li-ion so great that it is difficult to list all the options. Can be used, in particular, in such areas as: drones, remotes, controllers, RADIO controlled models, robots with remote control or wireless cameras and recorders. However, we have a range of different capacities, different sizes, maximum output current and voltage to satisfy the most demanding designers!

Li-polymer – the future of automotive and electronic devices

Manufacturers of automobiles and motorcycles, electronic, constantly looking for solutions that will offer all the best features, higher speed and lower cost of operation. Unfortunately, the batteries for many years, was too large and occupied the site which could be spent on other amenities – that przekładało well as on user satisfaction.

Currently, work is underway on the use of lithium polymer in the automotive industry, and, of course, is the hope for the automotive industry to create economical, convenient and environmentally friendly car. You can work with a range of satisfaction! Try to use smaller and lighter power supply and improve the capabilities of your project with our equipment.