Charger with a lipo - network

In the category of “Charger with a lipo - network” you will find a wide selection of chargers that are designed in a special battery with a lipo. This type of sensor is often used in electronics, robotyków or modelers (for remote-controlled vehicles or drones). They require an appropriate method of charging that has retained its own unique properties. These batteries are very little resistant to overcharging, so in those charging devices are complex electronic circuits.

Charger with a lipo - network

Most of LiPol batteries charged using the method CC/CV. This means that when you connect the charger raises the battery voltage to the maximum level (4.2 V per element), while maintaining a constant current, and then after reaching a peak remains at a constant voltage, gradually decreasing the current value.

Operation LiPol batteries

Battery type LiPol, made of an alloy of lithium and polymers, conductive (lithium-polymer). When buying a battery, as a rule, you deal with the so - called package is a battery that consists of more than one lithium polymer (often used the concept of “cell” - from the English cell, i.e., link). Most often used in robotics or electronics, are packages with two or three goals. In connection with this decision often appears the problem of uneven discharge of batteries. In addition, note that the less charged, the village runs out quickly, so in case more of them, the difference between them increases rapidly. Too much low level (less than 3 V) can be very quickly damaged. To prevent such events, most batteries and chargers has a special balansery. Most often it is the second slot (next to download), which can be used to measure the voltage on each element separately. The majority of manufactured chargers with a lipo battery allows you to charge units using balanserów.

What do we offer?

Most chargers enable charging and discharging of the battery. Because of this, you will always be able to provide battery healthy for her catharsis, if you don't want to risk over-discharging the pack. All chargers in this category include balansery.