The clamp (otherwise known as zipami or trytytkami) have a universal use - they can be used, in particular, for combining cables into bundles, wires, for marking or for the immobilization of elements, and for temporary repair. Due to the design using the ratchet mechanism is not able to automatically open the bandage. This allows you to use trytytek in places that require a reliable and sturdy connection. Plastic straps are usually disposable, but in some cases the undermining of the latch, and slide trytytki and then use it again.

The use of clamps is Practical, reliable and convenient

Plastic straps can be used for many purposes. Suitable for connection of wires in bundles, mounting elements in the right place, marking of cables and for making small repairs. The clamp can be manually entered, but the most convenient option in case of mounting several trytytek at the same time, the use of special forceps, with which the task is much easier, and its execution takes less time. It is worth remembering that most of the cable clamps from the assumption products disposable - even if we manage to remove trytytkę without damaging it, the ratchet mechanism may be damaged and, as a consequence, do not work properly. Therefore it is best to use a bandage only once: it is not expensive, but guarantees obtaining a strong and durable connection. The exception is, of course, the bandages are reusable, which have a lever for deflection of the latch, and slide the bandage without damaging the teeth of the belt or the mechanism inside the head.

Choosing the appropriate clip - Number, length, thickness

Bandages are generally sold in large packages, a few dozen or hundred pieces. Because of this, their stock is in the workshop doesn't end quickly, and the price per product will be as low as possible. When choosing a bracelets should be guided with purpose: if you are planning for a harness, you should pay particular attention to the length of the strap trytytki (too short will not allow the clasp, and too long will be inconvenient to use). Also, the thickness and strength is very important, because too soft bandage under heavy load may just burst. If you want to use that for the value of wires, the greatest attention should be paid to colours: it needs to be consistent and obvious to all potential users. And in the case of using the clamps in place much solar is worth to use products with the addition of special chemicals that provide resistance to UV radiation (as a rule, such zipy is in black, however, it is best to look for information on resistance to UV-b specifications specified by the manufacturer).