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For more than a century and a half of intensive development of industry, in the field of ELECTRONICS, computer, HOUSEHOLD appliances, and the manufacture of medical or industrial, different manufacturers have introduced new types of power connectors. And – as usually happens in such cases – General use has included only some of them. These designs have become ogólnoświatowymi standards that every practitioner knows elektronik. In this category you will find a wide assortment of cables and adapters are designed to power devices and electronic modules with a mains voltage of 230 V and lower DC voltages from power supplies or converters.


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Products by page

Plugs, sockets, connectors – variety right cause

The main differences between the design of the connectors, cables, and power adapters are derived from two main parameters: working voltage and maximum load current. In the case of network connectors (in most countries the voltage is 230 V AC approx.), it is possible to distinguish two main groups: connectors dwupinowe (designed for equipment operating in the second grade of insulation) and trzypinowe (for devices of the first class, that is equipped with a protective earthing). All these connectors must provide strong enough isolation (basic security), and also to transmit currents of the order of at least several amps (usually 10 or more). In the case of the connectors of the DC voltage, often quite low (typically of the order of several tens of volts) and maximum current depends on the purpose of this element is from about 1 to 10 and more amps.

The elements of the circuit network power

In this category you will find various kinds of cables and adapters of the network, as well as useful links to best-known standards. For supply of desktop computers, most monitors and many other devices (for example, oscyloskopów or power units laboratory) we offer network cables length 1.5 m, ends with an IEC connector and a special extension cord (1.8 m). Small devices (like small APPLIANCES or ELECTRONICS) dwupinowe are often equipped with connectors of type "eight" and for them, we also have the appropriate network cables. Power supplies for laptops are usually with the so-called "koniczynek" – also the wires you will find in this category. In addition to the wires, we placed the nest of a network installation (for example, AC socket IEC male, latch fuse and switch), triple and quadruple rozgałęziacze 230 V.

Cables and adapters computer

The diversity applies not only to nutrition. There are also interfaces for transferring data within computers and embedded systems require the use of specialized cables and adaptors. Therefore, in this category we have placed, among other things, the SATA cables with a bandwidth up to 6 GB/sec dedicated to SATA adapter (to transfer data and provide power) for the mini-computer Banana Pi, as well as the modules USB 3.0 – SATA, is designed for modules Odroid. You will find here besides used in old computers tape for ATA devices (optical drives and hard drives with parallel interface).