Chargers for phones

Chargers for mobile - All mobile devices that we use have built-in battery. This means charging from the mains, that for some time. In smartphones and tablets are currently in use almost exclusively lithium-ion batteries. They require accurate models of the charging control current, voltage and temperature of cells during charging process. Most of these features, fortunately, built into the device itself, so charger for mobile phone, smartphones and tablets should only provide a stable voltage of 5 V and the corresponding power output.

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Products by page

A variety of chargers for mobile devices

Available on the market charger for mobile phone or USB power is very diverse. These devices are designed primarily for charging smartphones, tabletsand other mobile devicessuch as MP3 players, MP4 players, portable routers or modems LTE. Charger for smartphones and tablets, are also used as power supply 5 Volts for devices powered by USB such as miniature computers, Raspberry Pi, Arduino modules and other electronic systems. USB charger with standard working voltage of 5 Volts. Differ, however, output current.

Phone chargers and power supplies, wall

Power supply, wall-mounted, sometimes called gniazdkowymi are compact devices wpinanymi directly to the outlet on the wall, extension cable, etc. thus, you do not have to keep them thick and hard cable network. This kind of battery charger for smartphones and tablets often have one or two USB connectors, a little less built-in cable ends with connector with connector for example, the microUSB. Power supplies such ensure stable output voltage of 5 V, in accordance with the specification of USB standard, which is based on the system charging smartphones. The power supplies have different power output from 500 mA to about 10 A. Some of these devices can also be used as USB power sources, for example, to the Raspberry Pi.

Modern and convenient induction charger

New to the market are chargers induction. This kind of charger for your phone, smartphones and tablets should not be connected to the device via cable. Equipped with a coil antenna, which wzbudzana is a high-frequency current. Dual antenna is compatible mobile devices. When approaching to each other of these two coils, they form a transformer, which provides power transfer from the charger to the battery of the device. This type of charger is incredibly convenient. Just put the phone on the charger to start charging. Charger for phone nowadays is not only a basic, simple device, but high-tech gadgets.