Converters ADC and DAC

Electronics and technology bring great changes. Wanting to expand the possibilities, we are constantly improving what seemed to be perfect. The use of highest quality components ensures the satisfaction when you create projects or replace damaged parts – we invite you to see the range Botland, where You will find high-quality converters AC and CA.

Change the signal from analog to digital or Vice versa converters, AC and CA in your equipment

We have products that are fully compatible with minikomputerami Raspberry and Arduino, so that all fans construct their own advanced systems, will find the necessary equipment for their projects. Converters AC and CA, find wide application, particularly in miernictwie electronic and data transmission systems – they are found in almost all devices, audio/video, which have the capability of sending or receiving an analog signal. The ability to receive radio or even phone calls using smartphones, would not have been possible if the cameras and equipment that are not equipped for this type of item. Wanting to create a complex design that has the ability to transmit and receive signals in the subsequent sequence is processed, for example, a computer, a model must have converters, AC and CAthat will allow you to read data or perform the command. It's worth looking at solutions that will be characterized by their precision and high quality of the materials used in the store Botland, do a detailed inspection of equipment selection has enabled us to guarantee customers top quality.

Conversion of analog signal to digital and Vice versa – how is that possible

Although the practice seems complex and requires deep knowledge in areas such as physics or mathematics, we want a simple form to explain the theory of operation of AC and CA converters. The aim of this system is simplification, i.e. the signal conversion of an analog signal in the form of discrete, otherwise known as quantized. Analog has a smooth value, and digital joints – therefore the Converter should convert to the corresponding scale. The actions taken through the transducer is divided into: sampling, quantization and encoding. Wanting to make changes in the signals of the digital to analog Converter has the task of selling.

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