Converters A/C and C/A

The analog-to-digital Converter - Analog and digital electronic systems today absolutely inseparable. If earlier all the operations like measurement, and management of Executive mechanisms, and even mathematical calculations and signal processing – was implemented only in analog format, then it is difficult to imagine a device, tool Assembly based or other digital programmable layout. At the intersection of these two areas are the converters A/C and C/A, forming a bridge between the world of real-time (continuous signals), and the zero-jedynkowym (digital data).

Converters A/C and C/A - Basic concepts and parameters

Converters C/A and A/C work in two opposite directions. The first (referred to as DAC, or digital-to-analog) enable you to create permanent or alternating voltage (sometimes currents) on the basis of submitted them numbers in binary. In turn, the converters analog-to-digital (particularly A/C or ADC) converts a continuous signal (analog) into digital form, i.e., the amount corresponding to the input voltage (or air) in a given scale. Each transducer describes the number of bits determines the resolution (for example, a Converter 8-bit support 28, i.e. 256 levels of the analog signal). In addition to allowing the converters are described by many other parameters including the sampling rate (e.g. 1 kSps means 1000 samples/second) input voltage range (the output) and nutrition, the number of channels, the noise level.

Converter C/A and A/C - How many targets, so many converters

It is obvious that there is not one type of sensor suitable for all possible applications. In simple devices, measuring and control dynamics often is enough 8 - or 10-bit, however, in precision measurement systems, or audio, for the price of converters 16, 18 and even 24-bit. If the sound transmitter (like A/C and C/A) are characterized by a rather high frequency sampling rate of 44 kSps or more, specialized measuring converters with the same resolution, usually operate at much lower speeds, it offers significantly higher precision and very low noise. In some systems, highly desirable multi-channel converters, for example, when it is necessary to simultaneously (or alternately) to measure two, four or even a dozen analog channels.

Converters A/C and C/A in stock store Botland

In our offer you will find a number of universal modules that contain the converters A/C and C/A, which are ideal for systems measurement and control, and high quality audio devices. The cult of the chip PCF8591, containing 8-bit converters A/C and C/A we offer in the form of modules that contain, in addition to the sensor – also the necessary circuits and connectors, providing a convenient connection with the destination system. We also have overlays with 16-bit matrix A/C, designed to work with minikomputerami Raspberry Pi and high-end lining type hat, equipped with converters A/C and C/A with a resolution of 24 and 16 bit. Also here you will find several models of transducers are sold as a separate integrated circuit, for example, whether the MCP3008 MCP3204.