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Converters communication interfaces: USB, UART, USB RS232, USB RS485.


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Products by page

A wide range of reliable converters in Botland

In our product range are converters that are based on different modules in operating systems is defined as a COM port. In addition, you can find adapters, thanks to which you can connect to the computer, in particular, the driver and the RS232 port standard USB connector. In sets of this type available, in particular a cable with a tip USB type A and USB type B and a CD with drivers. Converters of this type can operate with a voltage of 3.5 V and 5 V. the Design of devices based on proven and tested systems to ensure stable performance even with intensive use. In our assortment there are also pads on minikomputer Raspberry Pi with built-in USB ports and a Converter USB-UART. Selected pads is equipped with LEDs, connection, informing the user not only as ports, but also on the communication status. Included, in addition to the device, the user receives the necessary wires, connectors, screws, mounting and distance. In Botland, you can find the UART converters have a mini-USB or micro-USB. This type of device can be used, in particular, with the STM32 Discovery and Arduino. Moreover, we propose a model that provides very high data transfer rate. Converters of this type have two connectors 26-pin, as well as interfaces such as 12C, JTAG, SPI, and others.

Additional converters

In our product range there are converters from RS485 to UART, through which you can manage even dozens of satellites devices. Instances of this type often have connectors ARK, RJ11, and goldpin. In addition, our range includes converters for the exchange of information between RS485 and RS232 and Ethernet RJ45. Modules of this type can be configured, in particular, through an Internet website and through a network Protocol, or private. Such converters can operate in various modes, thereby characterized by the versatility and universal use. Moreover, thanks to the powerful processor is fast and sustainable action. For models that supports both RS232 and RS485, it is possible to parallel support of both standards. Another advantage is the full support for Modbus Protocol, including industrial applications. In many cases the firmware is updated via the network.

Long life and smooth operation

The store Botland can be found, in particular, modern inverters produce a well-known company with many years of experience. Our devices have high quality performance and trouble-free operation, even in case of intensive use. Choosing our store, you can be assured that you will receive the original product, no hidden defects and in case of any problems our specialists will gladly answer all your questions, in particular related to the use of a specific Converter.