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USB-UART converters are integrated circuits that enable efficient and undisturbed communication. They are designed to exchange information, which is possible due to asymmetric transmission. Data is received through the serial port. Functioning of the USB-UART converters starts with a start bit, which has the form of logical zero. In subsequent stages 7,8 and 9 bits are transferred. However, the number of bits depends on the configuration of the device. The information ends with the stop bit, which is always the only logical one. The whole information is called a UART frame. 


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Products by page

Types of USB-UART converters 

The converters come in different variants, differing not only in construction but also in operation. Special converters connected via USB are commonly used, but there are also converters in use that allow you to switch between UART and RS485 and RS232, or in other similar variants. USB-UART converters are based on many different modules. Check our offer, in which many variants of USB-UART converters are available.

The modules in the converters are detected as a COM port in the operating systems. We can connect them to the computer using special adapters. An example is a driver with an RS232 port, which we plug into a standard USB port. These are ready to use complete sets containing all the necessary elements together with the drivers. These types of devices are characterized by high stability of work and are adapted to intensive use. Please also note the overlays dedicated to it minicomputers, having built-in USB ports and USB-UART converters. Some models additionally have special diodes, which send to the user information about communication status and ports. In Botland you will already find ready-made sets with all the necessary mounting elements and necessary for immediate use of the device. We recommend, among others, UART converters, which have mini-USB and micro-USB ports, very well suited for Arduino. If you are interested in a very high data transfer rate, pay attention to the converters, which use two 26-pin connectors. 

We focus on both simple and advanced solutions, so we have UART to RS485 converters, allowing to manage dozens of devices. In addition, we have converters that allow the exchange of information between RS485 and RS232 and Ethernet RJ45 interfaces. One of the characteristic features of this solution is the possibility of configuration via serial or network protocol, as well as via a website. With their use we can work in different modes, making them very versatile converters. Together with a modern converter you also receive Modbus support, which applies to industrial applications. 

Performance and durability of USB-UART converters

The UART communication is distinguished by very high precision and reliability. This is especially true for modern devices, which are manufactured on the basis of innovative technologies. Choosing a USB-UART converter from a reputable manufacturer, you can count on long life and very high quality, which translates into high resistance to any failures and operating problems. Modern converters are designed for intensive use and high load, so they can be successfully used in very advanced projects. Botland store offers a wide range of USB-UART converters, which differ in technical parameters as well as additional functionalities. The converters differ in interface, layout and sockets. You will find here both simple devices, as well as more complex and more advanced projects. 

Feel free to check out our proposals. Our experts are at your disposal if necessary. They will help you choose the best converter and accessories, and will give you valuable tips on its use and installation. All available products come from trusted, reputable manufacturers.