Wheel crawler

Mankind has for many centuries tried to find the ideal solution for more powerful vehicles. And, as is usual in the art, revolutionary solution – which in the minds of engineers first appeared in the late nineteenth century spread; in fact, only by the army. This, of course, the drive tracks, which to this day remains unsurpassed in the most challenging types of terrain. In this category you will find a miniature wheel tracked in the sets of tracks and the necessary mechanical elements to fasten them.


Motor - shaft

The advantages of the crawler drive

The indisputable advantage of this type of drive is the ability to move so with a mobile platform on the rugged, uneven terrain, almost inaccessible for construction of the appropriate size, and working on a classic wheel. Although in many applications off-the-road approach, respectively, the large wheels with tires with deep tread, in the case of large irregularities, the drive tracked remains unsurpassed – the area of the ground contact covers the entire or at least a significant portion of the bottom surface of the caterpillar, while the wheels are often in contact with the ground only in a small fragment of its region. From the point of view of kinematics, the platform management Hala gąsienicowa simple and not different from control, two-wheeled – two main wheels, caterpillar tracks are driven by independent motors with gearboxes enable the movement of the car in any direction and even rotate it in place (when the driving wheels rotate at the same speed but in opposite directions).

Sets the Pololu tracks and elements

In our offer you will find, among others, sets of wheels for tracked Pololu. Depending on the version available sets of tracked wheels in 22 or 30 teeth (indicated, respectively, 22T, and 30T). Both sets, apart from the wheels, also contain compatible silicone strips (which act as rollers), as well as the necessary mounting elements. In this category you will find items, spare parts, intended for robots that are available in our offer. For the system MakeBlock we recommend sets with a number 87052 – containing a couple of tracks in the form of toothed belts, size 30 x 139 mm. In turn, for robots brand JIMU, you can order a kit that lets you convert any car from this series into the platform Hala gąsienicowa. In contrast to the above mentioned sets of silicone items, this kit contains 86 of the rollers modules for self-Assembly (a great solution that will help the car movement, for example, on the carpet), and four-wheel crawler and 56 additional accessories.

Create your own tank!

The Tamiya company has made a nod to the fans of the military, providing in selling kit with No. 70100. This is a universal set of elements allowing the construction of a full tracked chassis, wzorowanego on the tank design. The set includes four classic wheel, crawler, and a number of small and large supporting wheels, shafts and screws for fixing the standard, and of course track length of 30 units (two units), 10 items (4 PCs.) and 8 elements (4 PCs.). Combined with a universal circuit Board (catalog number 70098) and Tamiya double gearbox (70097), they make it easy to create a private, secure mobile platform that can be used for the construction of any robot which them belong.