AVR microcontrollers

The AVR Processors are a group of inventions that have revolutionized not as much electronics and computing, but almost every possible plane in which these two areas play an important role. For computers and phones, every currently produced car, home theater, vending machine vendingowy, automated Assembly line at the plant, as well as the navigation system - are in its design contains at least one microprocessorwhich implements a number of instructionsrequired to execute the process that it manages. Progress in the field of embedded systems has led to the creation of a kind of microprocessor in a more compact form, and the microcontroller is especially popular in this group are the AVR microcontrollers.

Microcontroller and microprocessor

As the microprocessors and microcontrollers was created with the idea of real-time applications. Both groups of these chips have many common features and significant differences between them. Looking at the case of such systems, they are difficult to distinguish at first glance. In both cases, the number of external terminals from the housing ranges from 6 to 100, and even more. The most important difference between microcontroller and microprocessor is the memory allocation, RAM, ROM, EEPROM and FLASH, which are in the database, create its inner structure, while in the microprocessor they are separate components placed outdoors. Regarding the IC, microcontrollers are much smaller, energy consumption is also necessary for the smaller number of external components, greatly reducing the cost of their use. Microprocessors, and are generally very complex sets of instructions and orders, necessary for tasks such as the creation of software, documents, computer games or web sites that requires the participation of more memory, including modules because of their physical size are separate elements with respect to the internal structure of the microprocessor. In mikrokontrolerach, sets of instructions and orders are more limited and less powerful, thanks to what are used successfully in various applications - also in those with significantly limited physical free space on attachments. In this role, ideal for 8-bit AVR microcontrollers.

AVR - microcontrollers with a wide range of applications

Introduced and developed by Atmel in the second half of 90-ies. AVR turned out to be a very good option as a snap-in management of several devices of practical application. Based on the AVR microcontroller, you can design and build management of various process equipment - in particular, installations, lighting, such as Christmas decorations or lighting road bike (turn signals distinguishes you on the road!), control panel working machine with LCD display, the driver of a DC motor, the alarm, and as part of the electrification of the layout of the fragment of the landscape as the driver of the miniature railway barriers traffic lights or street lighting. Not without reason, programming the AVR microcontroller question in a conductor moving in many technical specialties. The community of users of AVR microcontrollers brings together both Amateurs and professionals around the World. A strong base of useful reference books, libraries and projects covering codes of programs, together with schemes. Regardless of whether you're a beginner in programming, if you already have an account on a few private large - scale projects, You can also create a group of users of AVR microcontrollers.

A wide range of attachments and useful accessories for AVR microcontrollers

The store Botland you will find a wide range of components required for programming AVR microcontroller and implementation of Your project. To program the microcontroller is necessary programmer, who is responsible for communication of the microcontroller with a computer. As each chip, also a microcontroller for the job needs to deliver power auxiliary voltage timing relay, if needed, can deliver, and after programming the microcontroller and set it to your device, voltage can be supplied by using adapter or battery - if Your power supply outputs a large amount of noise, then be sure to pick up any voltage, depending on the model of the AVR microcontroller, you should connect the regulator output voltage 1.8 V, 3.3 V or 5.0 V with the capacitors in order to preserve correct operation. An important element is also a quartz crystal resonator with matched capacitors, produces the necessary for proper operation of the microcontroller pulses a time-bomb with the same intervals. For implementation of simple and complex projects, of course, will need the contact plate, allowing for easy prototyping and validation of the work projects without the need for soldering, LEDs available in various colors, resistors, potentiometers, capacitors with different values and transistors bipolar and MOS transistors which you will be able to manage a small voltage from the output of the AVR microcontroller, for example, for controlling the current of the motor used for robot, affecting his speed.