Flow sensors

The flow meter is a device that performs a measurement of the amount of liquids and gases. Some flow sensors provide a measurement of the amount of gas or fluid flowing within a certain time interval, for example, 1 l/min, and he believes the amount of gas or liquid, which has passed through the body of the test sensor feeding the analog meter or LCD display, information about the air flow quantity, for example, one liter. In our product range you will also find sensors that allow you to measure the pH of the liquid and check the purity of the liquid.

How it works electro-mechanical flow switch for liquids?

Body the test flow sensor small turbine with blades and a Hall sensor. During the passage of fluid through the sensor, the pressure of the fluid (e.g., water) exerts pressure on the blades of a turbine causing it to rotate. On the turbine shaft is mounted a stationary magnet. With the rotating turbine, the magnet on the shaft is held stationary czujnikowy, resulting in the creation of an alternating magnetic field, which causes a small voltage. Obtained in the Hall sensor voltage is converted into a pulse that will zliczony system of measurement, using the algorithm of measurements allows to obtain information on the number of flowing fluid through the sensor. The same principle is used in hydroelektrowniach when checking the conditions of working parameters of water turbines, their feedback to the generators prądotwórczymi and plugging to the mains.

Flow sensors for liquids and gases - ideal for collaboration systems built into

Shop Botland includes a number of multiple modules and snacks that you can easily connect to microcontrollers, creating an extensive system of measure. Among them, they are also sensors for measuring the flow amount of liquids and gases, such as, for example, the sensor YF-G1 is designed to measure the amount of liquid in the range of 2 to 100 l/min measurement Method uses the Hall effect. Sensor connector has three wires - red to connect voltage auxiliary power supply range from 5V to 24V, black wire to ground, power and the yellow wire is responsible for transmitting impulses of measurements. The sensor can work, particularly with the Arduino platform.