Sensors medical

Modern medicine is definitely not limited to x-rays, stethoscopes or pulse measuring devices. Currently, we live in times when there is practically no week for inventing new devices that significantly affect the effectiveness of diagnostic and treatment processes.

So nowadays, medicine is very technologically advanced devices equipped with various types of medical sensors. In the Botland store you will find various types of medical equipment that has a versatile or specialized use. Our components are used by scientific laboratories, medical startups, schools and universities as well as large companies. In this category you will find products that are compatible with other electronic components. Many of them can be adapted to your DIY project and programmed in your own way.

Build your own human heart rate monitor, pH meter and even an electromyography (EMG) with Botland - a device for measuring muscle activity! It's all possible and easier than you think! Find medical components for a variety of devices and projects that best suit your needs.

Electronics in medicine – professional medical sensors

Nowadays, electronics in medicine is ubiquitous and offers unlimited possibilities. Thanks to modern and innovative medical electronics, medical equipment is today characterized by the highest quality, a very high level of accuracy and repeatability of measurements. All results and values ​​can be easily recorded, visualized and analyzed. Most importantly - thanks to modern medical electronics, we have access to the most advanced treatment techniques.

Most of us have had the ability to measure blood pressure using a seemingly ordinary blood pressure monitor. Such a device is in fact a sophisticated electronic device that makes use of a number of medical sensors. Medical sensors have significantly improved the accuracy of measurements, and hence the quality of treatment.

Today, we are able to check the condition of our circulatory system using the heart rate monitor without the presence and assistance of a doctor. You can build basic medical equipment yourself, which will be very satisfying. In the Botland store, we offer the purchase of the highest quality medical sensors. By purchasing individual components, you will be able to build a human heart rate monitor, a pH meter, or an EMG muscle activity electromyography. Of course, there are many more possibilities!

Medical sensors in robotics – there’s a lot to build

Medical sensors are a great opportunities for robotics designers. By equipping yourself with a set of medical sensors available in this category, you will have the opportunity to build a variety of structures! An additional advantage of the presented products is that many of them can be combined with other products, boards, modules and I/O devices. In other words - you can use medical components not only for medical purposes, but very versatile. In practice, you are only limited by your imagination.

Of course, the presented products are ideal for building medical robots. Basic programming knowledge is required (see courses and beginner kits in other store categories). Equip yourself with the presented modules and build a muscle-controlled robot module yourself, using the MyoWare series kit prepared by Botland. In the set you will find a sensor for measuring the activity of the EMG muscles, a power cover for the EMG sensor, an overlay for the EMG sensor, an overlay with LED diodes and a prototype cover for the EMG sensor. The set has been additionally equipped with all necessary biomedical cables and electrodes, which can also be used for EEG and ECG testing, as well as additional pins and connectors. The set is adapted to work with popular development kits – Arduino. Check also other medical sensors such as human heart rate sensors adapted to the DFRobot IO Expansion Shield.

Advanced PH sensors

Also pay attention to the PH sensors that we present in this category. If, in addition to electronics, automation and robotics, you are a plant lover or have a fish aquarium, you've come to the right place. In Botland you will find pH sensors with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 pH, thanks to which you can design your own water pH measurement system. What's more, we offer a pH sensor with an industrial probe that you can leave immersed in water for up to a year. Check out all the products in this category!