Sensors medical

The world of modern medicine it is not only a stethoscope, x-ray or stopwatch for measuring the heart rate. Modern medicine is a very high-tech devices equipped with various sensors, medical. Create Botland your own heart rate monitor the heart rhythm of the human heart, pH meter, and even elektromiograf (EMG) is a device for measuring muscle activity! Yes! Components for these devices are within Your reach!

Sensors medical

Electronics in medicine

Electronics in contemporary medicine is common and leads to unlimited possibilities. Because of her, medical equipment, allows us today high accuracy and repeatability of measurements, recording the values of the results, visualization and, above all, access to the most advanced therapies. Most of us had the opportunity of measuring blood pressure using, seemingly simple device which actually is an advanced electronic device that uses a medical sensor. Medical sensors, have significantly improved measurement accuracy and, consequently, the quality of treatment. Today we are not able to check the condition of your cardiovascular system using a heart rate monitor the heart rhythm of the human heart without the presence and assistance of a doctor. Botland has a range of medical sensors, with which you can build a heart rate monitor the heart rhythm of the human heart, pH meter, or elektromiograf muscle activity EMG.

Medical sensors in robotics

The medical sensors is a huge opportunity for designers robotics. Create a module robot controlled by power of their own muscles with the help of prepared Botland kit series MyoWare, in which you'll find a sensor for the measurement of muscle activity EMG, the pad power supply for sensor EMG, cap connector for EMG sensor, the pad with LEDs and the imposition of a prototype for the EMG sensor, wires, and biomedical electrodes which can be used to study EEG, ECG, and additional pins and connectors. The kit is designed to work with popular sets uruchomieniowymi, for example, Arduino. Check also other medical sensors such as pulse sensors of the human heart, adapted to overlay DFRobot IO Expansion Shield.

PH sensors

If in addition to electronics, automation and robotics you are a plant lover, or are you going to have, and can you have an aquarium with fish, good one. In Botland, you'll find pH sensors, level accuracy +/- 0.1 pH, through which you can create your own layout for measuring the pH of the water. We have the range of a pH sensor with industrial probe, which can be left immersed in water, even after a year. The sensors are designed to work with most microcontrollers and kits line.