Computer accessories USB to Raspberry Pi

Since its debut in 2012, the Raspberry Pi became a hit in the market of minicomputers and embedded systems, and each following generation was proof of that. An elaborate system of jacks, the best parameters of the equipment, easy operation and versatile Supplement in the form of special plates, modular, open to the user wide possibilities for making a variety of projects practical applications, as for Amateur, educational and professional. So you can comfortably use the Raspberry Pi, we prepared a proposal containing a compatible computer accessories such as mouse, keyboard, Wi-Fi adapter, and other devices that can be connected to the USB ports on your Raspberry Pi.


  • Wi-fi card for Raspberry Pi Wi-fi card for Raspberry Pi

    In 2016, minikomputer Raspberry Pi versions of Zero, A+, B and B+, has a built-in Wi-Fi module. In the case of the earlier production series to combine the Rasperry Pi to a wireless network, you must connect the external adapter to a Wi-Fi adapter. Also for mini-computer is...

  • USB hubs for Raspberry Pi USB hubs for Raspberry Pi

    Introduction to Raspberry Pio caused a great furrorę in the field of embedded systems, including small computers jednopłytkowych. Wide extension capabilities with a special Hat plates and adapters that allow cooperation Malinki with other systems, built-in, allows you to...

  • Keyboard and mouse for Raspberry Pi Keyboard and mouse for Raspberry Pi

    Keyboard and mouse are the most commonly used input devices of a computer. If you need to replace the keyboard on one that will more than meet Your preferences, take advantage of our offer. Before you can choose the keyboard that you've satisfied your choice depending on what...

  • USB devices others USB devices others

    The Raspberry Pi is minikomputer who knows how very much - it supports measuring systems, file servers, controllers, robots, applications, building automation and more. However, the use of “Malinki” can be even more simple and pleasant, thanks to the use of external...

Products by page

Products by page

Ergonomic accessories to work with the Raspberry Pi

An important factor that affects the convenience and ergonomics of work with the Raspberry Pi, it's a way of communicating with this minikomputerem - as well as the classroom computers PC, the Raspberry Pi is also equipped with USB connectors that you can connect a mouse and keyboard. Depending on Your preference, ergonomics of work, you can choose the wired keyboard of a typical Desk computer, or wireless that communicates with Raspberry Pi via Bluetooth or the path of the radio station on a frequency of 2.4 GHz. Some models offer us keyboards have a built-in backlit function keys, which not only adds a pleasant visual, but also helps while working at night or in places with good enough lighting conditions.

Acoustic systems, sound cards, devices connect to a wireless network in Raspberry Pi and not only!

Analog TRS connector 3.5 mm built-in on-Board most models of the Raspberry Pi audio Jack, and stereo speakers, which are also available in our offer. If you often use the Raspberry Pi in different locations, then you should consider a portable Bluetooth speaker with built-in FM radio, a slot for memory cards microSD and connector analogue AUX. Such a speaker can be powered from batteries or via a USB port. In the case of more complex audio application, select the desired sound card, which will provide high-quality sound. Offered through us USB sound card, works on the basis of Virtual7.1 and has a set of required connectors for analog and digital, and ensures recording and playback with 16-bit resolution. And thinking about the gamers of the last century, prepared a proposal, controllers that mimic the Nintendo consoles, equipped with the necessary buttons and komunikującą with the Raspberry Pi through the USB port. We also offer Bluetooth modules that extend the communication capabilities of the Raspberry Pi with external devices, such as computers, external.