Computer accessories USB to Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi microcomputer can successfully replace a mobile laptop and desktop PC. It is an excellent alternative for those who are looking for a small device, but with high computing power. Besides, it can be used in the area of robotics and electronics, so it can be considered both for everyday use as well as for professional design purposes. The first generation of the Raspberry Pi was launched in 2012, then the next generation was more and more efficient, offering more possibilities and functionalities. Each subsequent release of Raspberry was more stable, and created better conditions for expansion and implementation of the most ambitious projects. The Raspberry Pi can be connected to many peripheral devices, resulting in equipment with specific usability and specifications. Additional modular overlays open the door to very advanced projects. Our offer includes computer accessories showing compatibility with Raspberry Pi. These include keyboards, mice, Wi-Fi cards and other devices that you can connect to Raspberry using a convenient USB port.


  • Wi-fi card for Raspberry Pi Wi-fi card for Raspberry Pi

    Not everyone is aware of where the first wireless internet network began. The scientists from the University of Hawaii are responsible for its existence today not only in the world of advanced technology, but also in everyday life. The first network was called ALOHNET. Today...

  • USB hubs for Raspberry Pi USB hubs for Raspberry Pi

    The Raspberry Pi is a series of single-plate microcomputers that have been produced since 2012. Their launch on the market caused a great stir among electronics, programming and robotics fans. The devices very quickly became the first choice of many fans of advanced...

  • Keyboard and mouse for Raspberry Pi Keyboard and mouse for Raspberry Pi

    When thinking about computer ergonomics, as well as its capabilities and extra input devices, the first thing that comes to mind is the keyboard and mouse. These are peripheral devices, without which it is difficult to imagine using a computer. Depending on what you use your...

  • USB devices others USB devices others

    Are you familiar with all the ways Raspberry Pi can be used? In fact, its potential is still being discovered, new areas are emerging where the famous Raspberry works perfectly. It is perfect for building automation systems, but also for measuring systems and robot...

Products by page

Products by page

Raspberry Pi basic USB computer accessories for better working comfort

USB computer accessories for the Raspberry Pi are exactly the same as those known to you from classic PCs, but also from laptops, which today have far more users than desktops. It's hard to imagine working on a computer without a keyboard or mouse, which is what enables us to perform specific actions on a computer. Thanks to them we can communicate with the device. In this case you can do it via USB or wireless, depending on the type of mouse and keyboard. Our offer includes devices that connect to the Raspberry Pi both via USB, as well as via Bluetooth or radio, at 2.4GHz. There are many different types of mice and keyboards to choose from, from simple models to much more advanced ones, as well as with additional features that enhance the aesthetic and usability. An example is the backlit keyboard, which allows you to work in more difficult lighting conditions and at night. The backlighting also gives the keyboard interesting visual effects. Mice can also feature a backlight that performs the same functions as the keyboard. Choose such a set to maintain the aesthetic integrity of all add-on components of your microcomputer. Thus, it will not only be efficient, powerful and stable in design, but also astonishing in its look.

Peripherals to enhance Raspberry Pi capabilities

In our shop you will find not only different types of keyboards and mice. We know that your expectations are much higher and sometimes you need other peripherals for a specific purpose. For example, you can connect headphones to the board, which is possible with an analog TRS 3.5 mm connector. If you're a fan of good sound, opt for stereo speakers that will give you a unique musical experience. The speakers are also in a portable version. They are connected to the Raspberry Pi via Bluetooth. They're powered by a USB connector and a battery, so you can customize them to match the conditions you're in. More challenging project ahead of you, though? Sounds need to be clear, realistic and very detailed? Then you'll need a sound card that guarantees high sound quality. It is based on Virtual7.1. You can use it to record and play sounds with 16-bit resolution. They have analog and digital connections.

There is also something for computer game fans who enjoy intense experience. Especially for gaming enthusiasts of a bygone era. We recommend controllers imitating Nintendo consoles, which have all the necessary buttons and also provide communication with Raspberry via USB port.