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One of the benefits of the design minikomputera Raspberry Pi is the possibility of processing and transmission of image and sound. For small LCD displays and OLED for Malinki, you can connect a big monitor, like a PC and a set of meetings. This requires the appropriate connection cables, i.e., cables, video and audio cables. Their role at the same time meet the HDMI wire. Especially for You we have prepared a proposal for the wires in the standard HDMI and micro HDMI in various lengths with gold plated connectors which ensure a very good contact quality.


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Products by page

Products by page

High quality official HDMI cables dedicated to the Raspberry Pi

Official wire HDMI from the Raspberry Pi Foundation are characterized by design designed specifically for the hardware conditions of these minicomputers. Nickel, and in some models and gold-plated connectors provide reliable contact and dependability of data transmission, as the transmission of information via Ethernet and digital streams of sound, and triple layer securely well protected from external interference, both during data transfer via Wi-Fi network, and between devices using Bluetooth technology. HDMI cables for Raspberry Pi would be its function to carry around when you want to connect with them using the console for gaming, home theater, computer monitors, and systems for transmitting digital images from cameras.

The underlying hardware for the Raspberry Pi connected with HDMI cables

In most cases, the usual monitor connection and HDMI port for the Raspberry Pi using a standard HDMI cable, automatically configure Raspberry Pi for the best resolution settings that are able to achieve physically connected to a monitor. In the last minikomputerze from the Raspberry Pi, i.e., Pi 4B are two connector micro HDMI, which means to connect external monitors for “raspberries”, you will need one or in case more of them - multiple adapter HDMI to micro HDMI. Raspberry Pi 4B, can support up to two monitors with resolution up to 1080p, with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. In the case of 4K, the frame rate will be limited to 30 Hz, and when you connect only one monitor to Malinki, the picture will be updated with a frequency of 60 Hz.