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The Raspberry Pi works well in the field of programming and robotics. However, these are not the only areas of its use. The microcomputer has the ability to process and transmit sound and image, which significantly broadens the area of use. You can use displays that come in many variations, including e-paper, OLED and LCD. However, if you would like to get a bigger experience and create an extensive entertainment center, you should know that Raspberry is designed to connect a monitor of much larger sizes. It will easily work with a typical PC and sound system. To connect the Raspberry Pi to such a set and monitor, use audio and video cables. The well-known HDMI and micro HDMI cables, which are available in our offer, work well. They vary in length, so you can choose exactly the cable you need. The gold-plated connectors are responsible for the perfect contact quality, which translates into even better data transmission quality and no interference.


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Products by page

HDMI cables for Raspberry Pi. Create your own entertainment center!

You will find the official HDMI cables from the Raspberry Pi Foundation in our store. This is a guarantee of perfect cooperation with the board. The manufacturer has adapted them to the needs and parameters of its equipment, as well as the conditions in which it works. The connectors of the cables are nickel-plated, and in some models even gold-plated. This is to ensure a solid contact and increase the quality of data transmission. This ensures that data is transmitted in the right way and without any interference, both with digital audio streams and via Ethernet. Moreover, HDMI cables have a triple shielding layer, which is responsible for protection against adverse external factors, including primarily interference. It fulfills its function in any case - during the data transfer between devices, where Bluetooth technology is used, as well as via WiFi network.

You can use HDMI and audio-video cables for a variety of equipment that you use in your multimedia entertainment center. They are perfect for connecting a home theater system, a large monitor, a game console and systems that are designed for digital video transmission from cameras. With cables, you can use the Raspberry Pi to provide a very high level of entertainment at home. Play games, watch movies, listen to music and view vacation photos on the big screen.

How to configure the Raspberry Pi to the connected hardware using HDMI cables?

Sometimes when you connect a monitor or home theater equipped with an HDMI port to a board, it will automatically configure. Raspberry Pi gets the best possible settings that tell you the parameters of the connected equipment. However, there are situations when the configuration requires our greater attention. This applies to Raspberry Pi 4B microcomputers, which have two micro HDMI ports. This means that if you want to connect an external mount to the board, you have to use one or more adapters to get micro HDMI. You should also know that the Raspberry Pi 4B is designed to support two monitors, which greatly enhances Raspberry's capabilities and allows you to create a more extensive entertainment center. The monitors can have a resolution of up to 1080p and a refresh rate of 60Hz. If there is a higher resolution of 4K, the refresh rate will be limited to 30Hz, i.e. minimized by half.

Check out our range of audio/video cables for Raspberry Pi. Use its ability to process and transfer audio and video and create an extensive entertainment center for yourself and your loved ones, allowing you to watch movies and listen to music in superb quality.