The lining GPIO extension Hat for Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a series of microcomputers that attracted both experienced programmers and novice robotics fans. The range of possibilities of their use is huge, which also results in their versatility. We could see the famous Raspberry for the first time in 2012, when its first version was released. Year after year, we have observed changes and improvements, which was conditioned by changing trends on the market, newly emerging technologies, as well as increasing expectations of demanding customers. Raspberry Pi can be both an alternative to PC, as well as an element of the monitoring system and smart home. It is used in creating weather stations, but at the same time it works well in various kinds of robots. It can be connected to various kinds of outdoor devices. It is possible due to GPIO connectors. They enable the Raspberry Pi to have an LCD display and an interface with buttons. This is how a home lighting system or a building automation system is created, for example. Our offer is designed to meet the current needs of our customers. You will find a wide range of HAT overlays compatible with Raspberry Pi equipment.


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Products by page

Products by page

Using HAT overlays. What do you actually need them for?

Each HAT overlay is a small 65mm x 56mm board with rounded corners. The overlay is attached to the casing using screws, which can be placed through special holes located on the overlay. Furthermore, it features a 40-pin GPIO connector, which is compatible with Raspberry Pi. The automatic system configuration for the GPIO connector and driver files is an important support for the layout of the outputs. How is it possible that the configuration happens automatically? This is due to the ID_SD and ID_SC outputs. Through the I2C interface they connect to a built-in EEPROM, which contains all the configuration software needed for each GPIO pin. The memory also contains a Device Tree file, which provides information about the HAT board, is its description. This allows Linux to automatically install the software.

HAT overlays available in our shop are dedicated to Raspberry Pi 4 or Raspberry Pi 3, but also to older versions. Thus you have the possibility to use them in practically every Raspberry model offered on the market. Due to HAT overlays you can design and create a complex building management system by connecting additional peripheral devices to Raspberry.

40-pin GPIO connector for receiving and transmitting signals

Raspberry stands out in many ways, which even amateur programmers cannot ignore. One such feature is the 40-pin GPIO connector. It is responsible for connecting external devices to the hardware, and thus for expanding Raspberry in order to create a system with specific capabilities and purposes. These devices eventually work with Raspberry Pi. The connector is used to transmit input signals to control external processes. Moreover, using them we receive the input signals, which allows us to issue further commands. Thanks to HAT overlays you will create, among others, a weather station, which will have sensors of wind speed, precipitation intensity and temperature. Moreover, you have a chance to design your own LED lighting controller, and so such a light source, which is currently considered to be the most energy-efficient. Advanced technology allows the system to change the colour of light and create spectacular light games. HAT overlays are also used in the automation of entrance gates and garage irrigation of green areas, both private and public. WiFi and Bluetooth are used for this purpose. In the same way you will also create a monitoring system for your house, property and car. Another application of HAT overlays is sound system for the room and the car. To create it, you need a sound card. It will give you strong and clear sound.