HAT extension for Raspberry Pi

A basic extension for Raspberry Pi 3 is not satisfactory? If so, choose GPIO extension boards which will broaden the possibilities of the platform. Advanced and ambitious projects don’t necessarily have to be limited to the schemes available online. An experienced programmer or constructor will certainly appreciate the components offered in this category. A completely new way of designing is right in front of you.


Products by page

Products by page

Raspberry Pi - GPIO extensions and modules that support the operation of minicomputers

In this category in our store you can find components such as:

Raspberry Pi HAT motors and servo-controllers,

displays and keyboards,


communication modules,

Raspberry GPIO drivers,

voltage converters,

and other Raspberry GPIO modules that support a given programming environment. Raspberry Pi 3 GPIOs are multi-purpose connectors that can be used in numerous ways. The multi-tasking boards which can automatically become the basis for the production of audio cards, distance sensors or control modules are an excellent example of the abovementioned versatile applications. Technology is amazing and by using its potential you can create brilliant devices improving comfort and safety of life.

Applications and functionalities - when to go for the add-ons?

Although the platform was supposed to serve as an educational tool, today it is chosen for more innovative and ambitious designs. Raspberry Pi Shield gives plenty of opportunities and is widely applied in various monitoring facilities, parameters and processes, automation of real estate and personal property or even updating the functionalities of robots and other smart devices. 

You should test the Raspberry Pi GPIO prototype add-ons as thanks to them you can quickly and easily check whether your project is working properly before moving on to its final stage. Of course this isn’t everything that can be found in our offer so check out what components, add-ons and modules are waiting for you in this category.

The Raspberry Pi GPIO add-ons available at Botland will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Highly efficient and perfectly manufactured components ensure maximum satisfaction and a successful investment.