Modules Raspberry Pi 2 B+ A+

Mini-computer Raspberry Pi jednopłytkowych do not need, probably, to anyone present – tiles standard size credit cards offer quite high performance and computing power that successfully replace the deck of your PC or laptop. However, this is only the beginning of possibilities "raspberry", as is equally well suited to embedded applications, giving various smaller devices, ease of programming and performance typical of a conventional computer. Importantly, several years have Raspberry Pi versions is available at attractive prices, nieporównywalnych with other minikomputerami. In this category you will find models of old, but still gladly choose a electronics robotyków or programmers.

Raspberry Pi Model A+

Version Raspberry Pi Model A+ is like a bridge between the small tiles (Raspberry Pi, Zero), and the "full version", that is, product lines RPi B (2B V1.1, 2B V1.2). On the Board there was less connectors than the flagship models, but in exchange have substantially reduced the dimensions of the circuit Board and its height. The designers left one USB slot, full sized HDMI, socket to 3.5 mm jack (audio/NTSC/PAL), and 40-pin goldpin GPIOs and a slot for connecting the camera module and LCD display. Power can be provided via microUSB, as in most other models of "raspberry". Raspberry Pi model a+ is quite decent computing power with graphical BCM2835 SoC, ARM11 core integrującemu 76JZF-S with a clock frequency of 700 MHz and a VideoCore IV GPU. RAM size is 512 MB, which is twice more than the direct predecessor tile – 1 RPi Model A.

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B V1.1

The story of second-generation full-size (Model B) mini-computer Raspberry Pi began with the release of the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B in February 2015. Relative to previous versions of "raspberry" but this Prime Minister brought the transition to a new, more efficient architecture with ARMv7-A (instead of pre-ARMv6Z). Contract number SOC "jumped" just one (BCM2836), but the actual change of performance was far more glamorous – miniature computers got, for as long as four cores Cortex-A7 with a clock frequency addition frequency to 900 MHz. Doubled the amount of RAM (up to 1GB), which is crucial for users who appreciate smooth with multiple applications running at the same time.

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B V1.2

A year and a half after the release version Model B V1.1, the light appeared another version of the "raspberry" computer, suggesting future increases in computing performance through the use of graphic Broadcom BCM2837 about the architecture ARMv8-A. the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B V1.2 is the first in the history of the company model, offering support for 64-bit systems. This architecture, despite a further increase in the frequency minikomputerach third generation 3B or 3B+) remained in use until 2019, which premiered RPi 4B, is based on the ARM architecture Cortex-A72.