Modules and kits Raspberry Pi 3 A+ B+

Minikomputer Raspberry Pi version 2 B, B+ and A+ and starter kits. Modules Raspberry Pi 2 B+ A+, that is a new version of the already well-known minikomputera in versions B and A. Thanks to numerous improvements they can replace desktop computers. Characterized by small size, high ease of use operating system and excellent performance and energy saving work.

Modules Raspberry Pi 2 B+ A+ was created based on earlier models, save them still a proven solution, demonstrating the excellent efficiency, as well as innovations and novelties. With newer versions of raspberry, what are the modules Raspberry Pi 2 B+ A+, will have the most modules that use the GPIO connectors.

In our offer you will find the latest version minikomputera Raspberry Pi, as well as numerous accessories that are designed specifically for them. Users of previous versions will definitely notice the difference in their work and will appreciate the capabilities of the device. This is an excellent offer minikomputera for the most demanding users.