Wheels with tires

Design enter the drift of the robot, with the exception of the necessary auxiliary equipment (e.g. control electronics), which requires the selection of appropriate wheels. In robots are installed at least two electric motors - one for driving forward and backward, and twisting. The simplest solution is the use of compensation management. In the case of robots, tricycles, third wheel prevents turning of the robot. Robots czterokołowe, often use two or four motor and control the slip. Close a stable control system and reliable power supply and transmission a key role in the promotion of the robot are wheels which absorb torque from the engines.


Motor - shaft

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Products by page

The choice of wheel size

Robots moving on a big wheels as a rule, pay more attention of the observer, in comparison of robots on small wheels, but appearance is not everything. Selection of the correct wheel size is very important from the point of view of the robot speed. A larger radius and are given a fixed angular velocity is proportionally greater than the speed of the robot, while the force acting on the wheel surface will grow with torque transferred to the wheel axle of a certain radius. This means that if Your robot overcomes the lifts, the wheels will be affected by the horizontal component of pressure force on the surface. Then, referring to the own weight of the robot, it is necessary to increase the torque or use a wheel with a smaller radius. The increase in torque, however, price increases consumption of battery power of the robot (including motors), and the increase in the radius of the wheel means to increase its mass and reduce the maximum speed. You should also not use very small wheels, because it is impractical.

Select the type of protector

The correct choice of tread in the tires for robots is reduced on its surface in contact with the ground. If Your robot needs to travel only after flat surfaces such as wooden floors and ceramic, a tire with a flat tread will provide good enough grip, while riding on carpet, you should wear it to the bus with gently wyżłobionym protector. To reliably move the robot on an uneven, dirty areas, will be the best tires with deep tread profile, which provides efficient deviation of dirt in overcoming terrain. The use of such tires on flat surfaces is troublesome because of the limited surface of contact with the ground and can cause problems with stability of the trajectory. Otherwise, the robot is equipped with tyres with a flat tread, in spite of their large surface area contact with the earth moving off road dirt is stuck in place.