Housing for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi minicomputers are devices that are very much rooted in the programming world. They have also found their application in everyday life because, as it turned out, they can replace a mobile laptop and desktop PC. Surprisingly, Raspberry Pi is very efficient and powerful, as well as small in size. However, just like a PC or laptop, a minicomputer cannot exist without a case. It determines not only the visual aspects but also has a practical function. It may be difficult for some to imagine that it is the case that makes the Raspberry Pi work. It supports the cooling system and also protects the board from adverse external influences. These are the reasons why it is necessary to choose such a case that meets not only its visual but also practical function. Our shop offers various types of boards, both classic and customized.


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Products by page

The important role of Raspberry Pi case

Raspberry Pi boards are used in different conditions and applications, which makes them sometimes exposed to difficult conditions. The main task of the case is to protect the board from water splashes, dust and dirt, as well as UV radiation and mechanical damage. Even as part of a home network, it needs a stable position, so that the risk of damage is lower and its life span is longer. The Raspberry Pi cases with anti-slip feet, which are also worth choosing for robots or other automation devices, work well in this situation. The smart building control system is a particularly recommended application area for a non-slip case. Also, in this instance, easy access to GPIO should be ensured. Some cases also have additional space for a webcam, which is certainly useful in mobile devices, which we use, for example for Internet calls. It should also be remembered that the case has a significant impact on the ventilation quality of the board. The additional fan will certainly come in handy for users who constantly expose their Raspberry Pi to hard and long work. It will help keep the processor at the right temperature.

Do you want access to the inside of the device? The case does not have to be an obstacle if you decide on a model with an opening lid. Do you also need to mount the screen? Then choose the case that is suitable for mounting on a rail. Our shop also offers cases dedicated to specific versions of Raspberry: Pi 1, 2, 3, 4 and Zero.

Visually attractive Raspberry Pi

The case is to protect the interior, i.e. the Raspberry Pi from damage and external influences. In addition, it must be adapted for the installation of additional elements and external devices to work with the microcomputer. At the same time, the visual aspects must not be forgotten, which are also very important for the owners of Raspberry Pi. The cases are available in different colours. These include, of course, the iconic and associated with the famous Raspberry combination of white and red. Classic black, as well as grey, is a universal solution. Those who are particularly fascinated by what is happening on the board, and who like the futuristic character and appearance of the devices, can opt for a transparent case that allows them to observe what is happening in the heart of the device. An exceptionally original option is a wooden case, which will satisfy the taste of handmade enthusiasts. There are also cases in intense colours, including a vibrant orange and juicy red. If you would like to combine several cases together, choose a model with special pads. Different colours will also allow you to differentiate between devices.

We recommend cases from the official manufacturer Raspberry Pi, as well as from other companies that rely on careful workmanship, good quality materials and creative solutions. For example, Adafruit, Farnell, Forbot, HiFiBerry, JustBoom, Lonten Technology, OEM, Pi-Top and RetroPi,