Cases for Raspberry Pi

Case designed for Raspberry Pi model 3, 2 and B+ and Zero and Zero. Your Raspberry PI may look unique, to be original and match... You. We offer You a classic case for the Raspberry PI with the original design. The wide range allows to choose the one that will completely change Your model. He may be colorful, elegant and stylish, plastic, retro, wood, and even printed using a 3D printer.


Case - module:
Case - Flap
Case - VESA
Case - Access to GPIO
Case - Camera space:
Case - For DIN rail
Case - Screen space:
Case - Fan

Products by page

Products by page

We offer housing for Raspberry PI all models. No matter what you minikomputer no doubt you will find this suitable. Here are some of our suggestions. Transparent – get more! Transparent case for Raspberry PI-this offer is for those who appreciate simplicity and minimalism, curious your computer and want to see more! The case has non-slip feet, removable top cover that facilitates access to the GPIO connectors.

  • Flexible setting it for the current project

The official case for the Raspberry PI configurable elements. Because of this you have the opportunity to match it to your current project. The set also includes non-slip feet.

  • Rustic

Case for Raspberry PI made of wood is a new trend that has gained many followers. Thanks to them you can give a custom look of your Raspberry PI. Made of plywood, is mounted on the latch, and thereby ensures easy and quick removal. The upper lid is opened.

  • Plastic – link them!

Plastic case for Raspberry PI , available in several colors reminiscent of Lego, this is a great way to upgrade the appearance of your minikomputera. Tabs allow you to combine multiple enclosures. Choose your cover, explore our offer and find the perfect for you!