Video courses

The store Botland you will find a very interesting video courses, designed for advanced and novice people who want to gain new knowledge in the technical fields of science. We offer online courses on various subjects, so the choice of a specific product of the moving of the topics of interest of the listener is not a problem. Incredibly popular training in such areas as electronics, robotics and programming are taught how logic and strategic thinking skills fast problem solving.

Products by page

Products by page

The most popular video courses

In our store you will find, in particular, basic online course that will introduce You to the world of computers. Enough to have the Internet to go through intensive training, which contains a lot of practical knowledge. We also offer courses that teach from scratch a very popular software is AutoCad, that is, the necessary tool for all designers and architects. Thanks to the kind of courses to quickly learn not only text, but also the use of layers and 3D modeling. Currently, programming is one of the most sought after skills in the labour market, so in this area you will find extremely practically courses through which you learn the basics or usystematyzujesz knowledge already. In Botland we also have an interesting proposition for designers who want to learn new techniques and to make their work more effective. Of our books you will learn the basic information about the methods of shooting and processing photos. In addition, you will learn efficient ways of earning through the Internet and the basics of web development.

Electronics and robotics for each

Online courses are available in our store intended for the novice electronics and will teach You, in particular, all major issues associated with the extremely popular Arduino platform, which is characterized by huge opportunities. In addition, here you will find the training is aimed at people interested in the Android operating system. Of our courses you will learn about the basic elements of their operation and methods of connection. In addition, a number of examples in a very accessible and understandable form explains all of the questions raised.

Other video courses

If you want to learn how you can become a freelance worker and earn money from anywhere in the world with access to the Internet, our online courses will teach You how to make money, such as filming, writing texts or edit various images. In addition, here you'll find tutorials from which you will learn from scratch, step by step to create your first application. Investment in knowledge always brings the greatest return, so choose a theme course that most interests You and start learning today.