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Video courses that teach programming and the basics of robotics are highly valued among enthusiasts of these topics. First of all, they allow you to see exactly how to make a connection (e.g. H bridge), how to connect cables, how to program an Arduino or Raspberry Pi board.

Products by page

Products by page

In this category in our Botland store you will find extremely interesting video courses. The presented materials differ in their level of sophistication. Some are intended for advanced people, others for those who are just starting the adventure with programmable electronics. However, certainly everyone will get more information and improve their technical skills in an accessible way.

We offer online courses on various topics, so choosing a specific product that addresses topics that interest the student is not a problem. Extremely popular training in such fields as electronics, robotics and programming teach both logical and strategic thinking as well as the ability to quickly solve problems.

The most popular video courses

In our store you will find basic online courses that will introduce you to the world of computers and electronics. To view them, all you need is an internet connection. Thanks to this, you can undergo intensive training, which contains a lot of practical knowledge.

In terms of popularity, both beginner and advanced courses are often bought in our store. Often, people who first decide on beginner courses, after learning the learned things, then buy more advanced courses.

What can you gain by buying video courses in Botland? Noteworthy is the ability to quickly learn the basics of the extremely popular program, which is AutoCad, which is an indispensable tool for all designers and architects. Thanks to this type of course, you will quickly master not only work with text, but also using layers and 3D modeling.

Choose courses on programmable electronics and robotics if you want to create your own projects in the future. You will also learn about the types of programming languages ​​used in robotics. You will learn how to use them. Nowadays, programming is one of the most desirable skills on the labor market, which is why in this field you will also find extremely practical courses with which you will learn the basics or systematize the knowledge you've already gained.

At Botland, we also have an interesting offer for graphic designers, programmers and constructors who want to learn new techniques and make their work even more efficient. In our books you will learn the most important information about photography and processing techniques. You will learn how to handle and build projects using the Arduino or Raspberry Pi components. In addition, you will learn effective ways to earn money online and the basics of creating websites.

Electronics and robotics for everyone

Programmable electronics and the art of making robots are not just for advanced people. Besides, advanced people were also beginners once!

The video courses available here for beginner electronics will teach you all the most important issues related to the extremely popular Arduino platform. From other trainings you will learn how to choose modules (Arduino Shields), how to configure, program and assemble them technically. In addition, you'll find training for people interested in the Android operating system. From our courses you will learn everything about the basic elements, their operation and methods of joining. Our video courses have been packed with examples that explain the issues in a very accessible and understandable way.

Other video courses

If you want to learn how to become a freelancer and earn from anywhere in the world with Internet access, our online courses are for you!

In this category you will find many products that thematically go beyond traditionally understood electronics. Some educational materials will teach you how to make money on filming, writing texts or editing various graphics. In addition, you will find guides from which you can learn how to design your first application step by step.

An investment in expanding knowledge always brings the greatest returns, so choose the course topic that interests you the most and start learning today. Remember that learning is never too late. Better late than never! If you have questions, please contact us now! We will be glad to answer any question and help you to decide what kind of video courses would suit you best!