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LCD monitors (LCD) - this is a very good offer for people involved in electronics and programming, as in the frame hobbystycznym as a professional. Built-in serial interface and a dedicated control unit provides easy connection of the LCD to the controller. LCD displays are used, in particular, in the control panels of washing machines, cookers, air conditioners, machines, industry and trade, as well as a number of devices widely understood automation. In our assortment you can find displays of different colors and the screen resolution.


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Products by page

How to create symbols on the LCD display?

A single character on the LCD is displayed on the matrix size, typically 5x7 or 5x8, where the first digit size represents the number of columns and the second number of the size indicates the number of rows and the eighth row, as a rule, remains empty and is often used as fields for the blinking cursor. The structure of the LCD technology uses liquid crystals, which under the influence of an electric field (the source of which is the supply voltage of display) changes the arrangement of its particles as a result of changes of polarization of the light. LCD displays have much greater opportunities to present information than the individual LEDs and displays, segmented and characterized, that can display numbers, letters (therefore also known as alphanumeric displays), special characters, and animation and graphic symbols. LCD display is standard equipped with two registers, i.e. the data register and the command register and can work in mode 4-bit or 8-bit. In the registers contains 3 to 4 lines to choose from and 8 data lines, through which nawiązywana the display communication with the microcontroller through GPIO or I2C.

The sizes of LCD displays

The designation “display 2x16 a” means that its display consists of two lines and can accommodate up to sixteen characters in one row. The store Botland, there are LCD displays in sizes, 2x8, 2x16 and 4x20. If you are a beginner in electronics and programming, it is best that you chose the display size 2x16. But if you create a complex system of automatic control, then a good choice would be to use display size 4x20, which will allow You to simultaneously display more information.