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The use of LCD displays in intelligent electronic equipment, is something completely natural, that opens huge opportunities. We offer unique products which have the best quality and universal application in our customers ' designs – we invite you to familiarize with our offers range.


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Products by page

Products by page

Displays graphics – create your Communicator

Everyone remembers those days, which dominated the indestructible mobile phones manufacturing Nokia. Model 3310, 5310, or even has been popular around the world, and their technology seems primitive today. It is, however, to stop for a moment to opportunities that offer its users with simple displays alphanumeric and graphics used in those productions, especially because small computers have much better performance and, consequently, their opportunities even more.

In the proposition we have, for example, graphic displays with the iconic Nokia 5110, which may be a good base for the creation of an independent Communicator or something on the model of the multi-purpose display. We have goods, a variety of additional functions (for example, a slot for SD cards) which have different sizes, for example, in two columns of 16 characters in different colors. This is a great choice for people creating a weather station, a system that controls the operation of the other systems, and for novice builders who want to create a rather complex calculator from scratch.

Compatible equipment for any need

We guarantee the assortment that meets the expectations of the most demanding customers, so we offer several popular replacements high quality like original pads that are compatible with the data minikomputerami.

In caring for the happiness and satisfaction of our customers, we also take care of price differentiation of products in our store. We present to You simple LCD displaysthat start from a few and end on more advanced equipment for a few dozen gold. If you have any doubts or questions regarding proper product selection, which will be adapted to certain expectations, then we recommend you to personal contact. We are fans of robotics, computerization and automation, thus, we understand the needs of people who just begin their adventure with these areas, and designers with much more experience.