DC motor with angular reducer

The designers of mini-robots Amateur understands how important the use of, respectively, small and energy-efficient actuators, the design of which, moreover, will not create problems during installation. It is also very important costs drives – miniature engines for professional use, often completely out of reach, even people with large portfolios. In this category we have placed a DC motor with angular gearbox, from which you can choose appropriate and best for the price model for your next project.


Voltage to
Voltage from
Motor - current
Motor - gear
Rotation speed
Motor - shaft
Motor - 2x shaft

Powerful and compact engines for each

Manufacturers of range for the Amateur robotics went out to meet the expectations of the enthusiasts of automation, creating a very attractive deal to small and cheap drives for mobile robots. DC motor with angular reducer is especially appreciated, given the small amount of space occupied on Board the robot, as well as the ease of maintaining the desired width of the mobile platform. While classic motors, with direct drive you need to set opposite each other (which increases the width of the robot) or alternately (e.g., the right actuator front, left – rear), engine corner can be installed in parallel on both sides, even a very narrow chassis. Gear corner greatly facilitates obtaining a high ground clearance, which is crucial in the construction of "SUV" designed to run at less convenient for robot bases.

DC motors corner stamps Doug – there are plenty to choose from

The company Doug is a famous manufacturer of components and modules for hobby robotics, offers a wide variety of DC motors with angle gear. A great advantage of drives of this brand is their low price is a great example DG02S-1P, i.e., the set of two DC motors with an angular gear with a gear ratio of 48:1, the supplied voltage is 3V. The gearbox has an output shaft 5.4 mm, and the maximum power consumption of the engine is only 170 mA, allowing you to control it even with the little ones, combined bridges H or of individual transistors of small capacity. In our offer there are also DC motors with angular transmission, equipped with bilateral shaft – as an example, let us name the model DG01-D, capable of driving the wheels of the robot or small engines with a maximum torque equal to 0.8 kg*cm In other embodiments (e.g., DG02S-2P), the output shaft of the gearbox parallel with the axis of the engine, but is offset from it, which gives you a completely different installation possibilities.

Other drives corner

In this category you will also find a DC motor with angular gearbox from other producers – among other things Pololu. A great choice for big robots would be unprofessional, for example, the angular drive Pololu equipped with a reducer with a gear ratio of 120:1 equipped in a mutual shaft. The engine develops a speed of 120 Rev / min (i.e., two revolutions per second), and reliable gearbox delivers torque at 1.4 kg*cm, which is sufficient even for structures equipped with larger diameter wheels. For robots that require control of speed of rotation of the wheels, a great choice is the DC motor type SJ02 120:1 6V 160RPM, equipped with a sensor in prirodnyh.