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The tiles are based on the Arduino comes with a set of ports of the type input/output (I/O). The maximum current which can ensure the output of the Arduino, that's fine. 40mA and a maximum operating voltage of the I/O port is 5V. This makes the sufficient conditions for feeding, for example, LEDs, but when we want to replenish the one or more motors or servos that are powered directly from the Arduino may not be enough. To solve this problem special pads Arduino Shield containing on Board is a necessary accessory to facilitate the control of operating parameters of electric motors with a current consumption of up to 50A.


  • STM32 Discovery STM32 Discovery

    Microcontrollers STM32 almost immediately after the release zawojowały the world of electronics and won niegasnące today – recognition among designers and developers of embedded systems. - High computing performance and a very rich equipment, in blocks, peripheral with...

  • STM32 Nucleo STM32 Nucleo

    Microprocessor-based technique for several decades is constantly popular for both Amateur and professional. On the field, play a major role in the company ST Microelectronics, which released a development platform, STM32 Nucleo. It was created with beginners programistach...

  • STM32 books STM32 books

    The STM32 microcontrollers, are available in the market for more than ten years, has gained many loyal fans who appreciate them for greater computing performance, powerful version selection of different numbers of contacts, memory sizes and peripherals, and also – no less...

  • Microcontrollers STM32 Microcontrollers STM32

    License to use the cores developed by ARM, bought all of the largest manufacturers of integrated circuits. Especially wide portfolio is in this range company ST Microelectronics, which is one of the first manufacture of microcontrollers based on a 32-bit architecture. The...


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Products by page

Products by page

Integrated control modules engine that does not require much space

Connect the dedicated lining, simplifies the connection and management engines and services, including reversal of the direction of rotation. Most of the offered tiles Arduino Shield to control motors and it has the chip like L293D, L298P, or DRV8835, which in its structure using transistors kluczujące United in the bridge of the “H” - state switching of individual transistors allows changing the polarity of the supply voltage of the motor and therefore the direction of rotation of the motor shaft, which is indicated by the LEDs. Lining Arduino Shield have power lines of high-performance and high load current and different voltages, so you can find a suitable plate under the motors on 6V, 12V, 24V, or a custom value of the supply voltage. In addition, using the controller, motors and flow in the form of an Arduino Shield, you protect the main Board Arduino from possible damage - shieldy has built-in thermal protection and podnapięciowe that also protect the managed electrical engines and servos.

What else you should know when buying pads for motor control?

Manufacturers shieldów, such as, for example, Cytron, provide free software that you can directly upload to your Arduino and control the motors. The source code allows for simple engine control system, for example, you can easily check the temperature of the engine, and if necessary, priority over the instructions in the program code - to manually change the direction of rotation. Tile Arduino Shield designed to control DC motors and it can also be used to control the coils of contactors and relays, LED lighting, and motors krokowymi. Controllers, servos and motors series Arduino Shield, will allow You to build CNC machine tools, robots and other electric vehicles with wide management capabilities.