D-SUB connectors

D-SUB connectors are one of the solutions dedicated to electronic devices. They are used primarily in computer hardware. The D-SUB connector consists of two or more parallel rows of outputs, which appear as sockets or pins. The name of the connector comes from the shape of its housing, which resembles the letter D. It is very resistant to damage, has a solid construction, which we owe to the metal screen. Moreover, such a solution has an impact on easier connection of the leads and more effective protection against electromagnetic interference. In the area of D-SUB connectors there are several types of sockets, among which there are male and female sockets. D-SUB connectors are also available in many standards. We can meet the DE-9, DE-9M, DA-15, DA-15F or DB-25 connectors. Each of them has a different scope of application, which results from their shape. Therefore, when choosing D-SUB connectors it is necessary to take into account their purpose. In Botland store you will find different types of D-SUB connectors, which you will use with your electronic equipment. 


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How to choose connectors for computer monitors? Types of connectors 

Computer monitors are omnipresent today. It is difficult to imagine work and everyday functioning without computer equipment. New solutions emerge and the demand for advanced technology increases accordingly. LCD monitors equipped with a large number of sockets differing in size and purpose are very popular today. Sometimes it causes a lot of trouble when we want to connect a monitor with peripheral devices. In the case of LCD monitors we are dealing with two types of connectors, among which there is an analogue connector, which is commonly known due to its presence in CRT monitors, and a digital connector. 

Analogue connectors are characterized by an extensive and multi-stage conversion process. When an image is transmitted, the digital signal is converted into an analog signal, which is then sent to the monitor. In the next stage, it is processed by components and the digital signal becomes an image. This may result in a decrease in image quality Digital data transfer process is much more simplified, which minimizes the risk of a decrease in image quality. 

The connectors that are located at LCD monitors also differ in their purpose and adaptation to connect specific devices. These include the input connectors for AV devices, as well as input connectors for PC-class computers. Additionally, within the computer input connectors we have a choice: DVI-D for digital signal transfer, HDMI for digital video and audio transfer, DVI-I for analog signal transfer, USB and D-SUB for analog signal transfer.

D-SUB connector - analog connector 

The D-SUB connector is also known as a VGA connector and is an analog connector. It is designed for computer monitors, but also for TV sets. It is used in cable ends, but also in devices in order to make a connection in the transmission of video between electronic devices. D-SUB connectors may have a different number of pins, to be exact: 9, 15, 25, 37, 50 or 60. The DE-9 connector serves as an RS-232 (COM) serial port connector. The DE-9M connector is designed to connect consoles and microcomputers. The DA-15 connector is a GamePort connector, whose functions are currently performed by popular USB. We still have the DE-15F connector, but it is increasingly being replaced by DVI, HDMI or DisplayPort. The function of the LPT parallel port connector is nowadays performed by the DB-25 connector, although more and more often its role is taken over by USB. 

Check out Botland's offer, where you will find D-SUB connectors in different variants. You can choose between male and female connectors, as well as connector housings. They differ in the number of pins, we offer options with 9,15 and 25 pins. Moreover, you can choose a D-SUB connector mounted on the cable or in a version designed for THT threaded mounting.