D-SUB connectors

D-SUB is one of the many types of connectors used in electronic devices, especially in computer hardware. The name comes from the shape of the connector body to the template of the letter D. D-SUB Connectors have two or more parallel rows of contacts in the form of pins or sockets. Flat connector housing with the letter D, comprises a metal screen which enhances the mechanical strength, ensures always the right connection and protects against electromagnetic interference. The store Botland, you'll find D-SUB connectors male and female with different number of conclusions.


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You should pay attention to the connection of computer monitors?

The sharp increase in demand for computer monitors napędził progress in their design angle, even higher definition image, and also in the area designed for their connectors. More and more users choosing a LCD monitor, said a large number of different slots on their hulls thinking about how to connect the monitor with external devices. Among the connectors of the LCD monitors that are designed to work with PC, there are two main groups, i.e., the analog connectorsare known from the traditional CRT monitors and digital connections, which evolve all the time.

In the case of image transmission through analog connectors in the computer, there is a powerful process processing the digital signal to an analog signal is transmitted to the monitor and passes through its components on the digital signal converted in the image. Wieloetapowa such conversion may lead to deterioration in image quality, but it also depends on the quality of the converters. In the case of pure digital transmission of images, no need to worry about loss of quality. The connectors of the LCD monitor you can also share the differences between the connected devices - among them are the input connectors on the classroom computers and PC input connectors AV devices. Input connectors computers include: D-SUB for analog signals; DVI-D for digital signals; DVI-I for analog signals, as digital; HDMI for digital transmission of image and sound and USB.

D-SUB and DVI - standard connectors, computer

In addition to image transmission, the D-SUB connectors are also used in ports serial, parallel, SCSI, and others about the number of terminals, adapted to the needs of applications. D-SUB as a connector for transmission of analog image, also known as VGA. This connector has deployed 15 conclusions five conclusions in three rows, but there are also designs in which the unused pins are not factory installed. D-SUB connectors all the time are widely used and are suitable for most manufactured monitors and computers of class PC. And the DVI connector, there are three standard types: DVI-D to transmit digital signal; DVI-A-to transmit the analog signal, and DVI-I, simultaneously satisfies the functions of a DVI-D and DVI-A.