RedBot Kit

Design a mobile robot from scratch, should not be associated with a painstaking mechanical design, conversion and exchange of discs, as well as cutting and finishing of mechanical components. Maybe for it to be a great, instructive, fun and pure joy, if you choose the appropriate kit including all necessary parts and accessories, as well as instructions that facilitates self-Assembly. This set is undoubtedly the RedBot Inventor's Kit SparkFun firms.


Chassis - type
Chassis - wheels
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Chassis + driver:

RedBot Kit as robot educational

Mini robots from the RedBot Kit are examples of well designed design which, due to its universality and openness to all modifications is perfectly suited as a platform for programming functions on all the most popular Amateur robotics – line followera, work omijającego obstacles or a maze of mouse (work independently looking for a way out of the maze). Driver-main is a special printed circuit Board that is running the ATmega328P microcontroller and is equipped with a Converter USB-UART, motor drivers TB6612, the power supply system, and a number of expansion connectors. The controller is fully compatible with Arduino, which allows the study of programming in this environment, people who are only at the beginning of his robotycznej adventure, and self-Assembly of fully will not be a problem even for the youngest designers.

RedBot Kit as a universal platform, starting

The construction of the robot allows attaching various extensions, although in the set, and so you get a number of useful extensions (including the range of odbiciowych QRE1113GR sensors, buzzer, sensors and accelerometer type MEMS MMA8462Q and two "whiskers" to detect collisions with obstacles). Our shop also offers separate modules that are compatible with the robot, the set of parts to fold the chassis (without drives), as well as the main plate. Nothing stands in the way, so you joined the robot any Arduino-compatible modules, for example, sensors of a sound or light, which wide range you will find in the relevant categories of our online store. In all four corners of the structure there are also additional vertical mounting elements in the form of perforated plates for mounting the optical and ultrasonic sensors, microphones and LEDs. Mini-robots RedBot Kit can also work as a remote controlled vehicle, connected to the computer using a mini USB cable.

Documentation and support

The undoubted advantage which distinguishes robots from the RedBot Kit, perfectly prepared documentation, which contains not only the full source code of the project, but a number of examples and procedures that facilitate independent installation and first run of the robot. On the website of the manufacturer – the company SparkFun – was accurately described by examples of program codes, ordered from the most simple (forward, twisting), on average, more (riding the line on the surface) to more complex (service inkrementalnych sensors, accelerometer or links of UART that supports remote control via simple commands terminal). Examples are an ideal base to develop more complex algorithms.