Boxes and organizers

Regardless of whether you hobbystą or professional, in both cases, electronics can be considered as a very good game full also beneficial educational value. To be able to enjoy the work in his Studio electronic, it is good to maintain order. A variety of electronic components leads to the necessity of sorting and storing so that the desired item can quickly be found, but quickly put back into place. For this perfect box with dividers or organizer for electronics.



A wide range organizerów about the great possibilities of configuration

We offer in our store organizers and boxes are available in various sizes, designed to hold small electronic components, mechanical, as well as large, for storage of tools, measuring instruments and wiring. Separate compartments organizerów you can easily customize depending on their needs, facilitating storage and quick identification of the required elements. This is the perfect solution to save space, especially in small spaces and for operation and maintenance in the field.

Proposal for workshops

If you build a workshop konstruktorski or the position of installation on the needs of production, then a great option would be shelving for shops with transparent listen to a story with false stories that simplify the search for the necessary elements. The modular design of the racks szufladkowych allows for their easy integration, creating a large stock of items available in one place.