DC motors sub-micro gear

The authors of the popular scientific publication describing the technology of the future, for many years I even began to like us continuously with stories of micro - and nanorobotach that will be able to perform the exact missions, fully niewykonalnych for larger devices. But in Amateur robotics construction kilkucentymetrowej platform was until recently completely inaccessible for robotics enthusiasts. Technological progress has gone however, also in this region. Because here, we present DC motors sub-micro gear – so small that it is hard to imagine even smaller drives.


Voltage to
Voltage from
Motor - current
Motor - gear
Rotation speed
Motor - shaft
Motor - 2x shaft

Passport to the world of micro-robots

Experienced electronics they're able to solder SMD elements with sizes of the order of fractions of a millimetre. The presence of small tiles, are equipped with microcontrollers is AVR that modern ARM also gives a huge room for maneuver. The same is true of lithium batteries in sizes of several millimeters. There remains only the question of mechanics. Independent design reducer with gears with a diameter of millimeters separate impossible at home, but, fortunately, no longer required – you can buy ready-made DC motors sub-micro with gear that will allow You to build a very small robot with a mobile device. In our assortment you will find three versions of these discs are suitable for various applications.

More compact will not work!

Available in our offer DC motors sub-micro transmission offer a rotation speed of 90 rpm (1.5 vol/h), 500 rpm (about 8,3 km/h) up to 2500/sec (less than 42 Rev/sec). Because the speed of rotation of the output shaft of the reducer increases with the degree of gear ratios, hence less is also torque. So the fastest of these models of DC motors sub-micro has a torque of 0.1 kg*cm (which is like on these dimensions is still an excellent result), the average model delivers a torque of 0.6 kg*cm, and the slowest – up to 0.9 kg*see Such a wide variety allows you to choose the engine model suitable for a miniature robot. In the construction of racing would be the best engine, quick, and to applications such as micro sumo should consider the model of medium or slow (but it offers high torque).

The use of DC motors sub-micro

Having developed a robot that is driven by DC motors sub-micro gear it is worth remembering that exactly the same as any other engine, you need to choose the right driver you the nutrition requirements of the actuator. Despite its small size DC motors sub-micro, you may need a current of about 400 mA, although the average current consumption when powered 6 Volt is only 45 it is necessary to reckon with dynamic changes of this magnitude in moments of special stress mechanical shaft of the gearbox. Therefore, it is necessary to provide for the application of the battery, correct discharge and put on quite a powerful bridge H – the best of the maximum current of the order of 600 or even 1A (per channel).