Housing for Arduino

The Arduino platform is not only attractive base suitable for Amateurs and beginners, eksplorujących the secrets of electronics and microcontroller programming. The popularity of this great environment that makes after the tile is a native of Sunny Italy, with pleasure also used by professionals who need a universal platform for testing or simple but unusual drivers for industrial applications, service or laboratory. This would not be possible if not for the different housings for Arduino, which wide range you will find in this category.


Case - module:
Case - Flap
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Case - Access to GPIO
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Case - For DIN rail
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Case - Fan

Products by page

Products by page

Simple and functional case for Arduino

In our store we offer a variety, often of the two housing parts, customized size for tiles from the Arduino Uno, Leonardo, Yun or Arduino Mega. Some of them are made of plastic, black in color and resemble the classic case for the Raspberry Pi, giving easy access to the USB port of the GPIO lines, the other transparent, colorless or color – allows you to view the status of built-in LEDs and... give the whole alluring and strong design. Some hulls are designed for particular purposes – for example, the case for Arduino Uno, adapted to contain the plate Board together with the panel LCD Keypad Shield.

Universal stand mounting

In our offer you will find also a universal stand that allows the installation of Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi 2B/3B or Raspberry Pi Zero (Zero). The great advantage of these simple yet functional items – in addition to compatibility with the most popular minikomputerami and tiles from mikrokontrolerami AVR – lots of extra holes for different sizes and shapes. They make it easy to finish in a set of additional elements, e.g. sensors or execution units, as well as provide a quick mount harness with clamps. In our offer you will find this type of housing for the Arduino in the performance of plywood and plexiglass. Coasters are available under the logo Forbot – known portal and forum for fans of robotics.

The body of the special

In addition to the shelves and stands dedicated to beginners, we also have enclosure for Arduino is intended for applications that are fully professional. In industrial applications or solutions building automation is perfect housing for DIN-rail mounting – fully designed for mounting the tiles horizontally, and specially designed mount that allows you to install plates vertically (perpendicular to the DIN rail), which significantly saves space in the control Cabinet. Also here you will find durable metal housing, including models adapted for connecting Arduino Mega with Ethernet Shield overlay.