Housing for Arduino

The Arduino platform has its fans among amateur electronics enthusiasts, novice DIY enthusiasts as well as professional and experienced programmers. It is perfect for creating simple robots and intelligent lighting management systems, as well as programming advanced microcontrollers and complex industrial applications. Arduino has found its application in the area of service and laboratory, i.e. where applications facilitating everyday work are used. Arduino has its roots in Italy, it was in sunny Italy that the platform was created, about which the whole world heard very quickly. It's a small plate, with great possibilities and functionalities. It can be supplemented with peripheral devices and adapted to the environment in which the system will work. It is also easy to install and use, which was liked by novice DIY enthusiasts. For each Arduino you will need a case that should be adapted to the design of the device and the accessories it is equipped with. Let's not forget about the design, which is responsible for the aesthetic qualities of the board.


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Products by page

Products by page

Basic and universal and special cases for Arduino

The choice of Arduino enclosure depends on your design and the board you are using. The simplest ones consist of two parts. They are dedicated to Arduino Uno, Leonardo, Yun and Arduino Mega. If you appreciate versatility and simple design, then decide on a black enclosure made of plastic and referring with its aesthetics to the one characteristic for Raspberry Pi. Its big advantage is the ease of access to the GPIO line and USB socket. If you want to keep an eye on the status of the built-in diodes, then opt for a transparent enclosure in a colourless or colourful version, depending on your preferences. They are not only functional, but also feature a futuristic and raw design. You will also find cases for specific applications in our offer, so pay attention to their construction. You can use, among others, the Arduino Uno enclosure, which was designed in such a way that it is possible to place a board with an LCD Keypad Shield overlay in it.

Apart from simple and universal enclosures, our shop also offers special enclosures for special purposes. They are used mainly by professionals and professionals who create complex and technologically advanced systems. They are perfect for building automation and industrial applications. A perfect choice will be a DIN rail enclosure. You can choose from a solid enclosure, adapted to mount the plate horizontally and to mount the plate vertically, i.e. perpendicular to the DIN rail, a enclosure with handles. Also noteworthy is the case for Arduino Mega with Ethernet Shield and other metal enclosures.

Mounting bases for system expansion

Mounting bases are designed to extend the set and further elements. They are universal, so you can use them both for Arduino Uno as well as Raspberry Pi 2B/3B and Raspberry Pi Zero. So they show compatibility with the most popular minicomputers. Mounting bases are equipped with additional mounting holes, which differ in shape and size. Using them you can supplement your set with executive modules and various types of sensors. Moreover, you can quickly fix the cables with the use of clamping straps.

Check our offer of enclosures for Arduino. If you are planning a simple project, choose a universal case. Transparent model will allow you to give your devices a raw and industrial character. Enclosures are made of plastic, plywood and metal. Mounting bases, on the other hand, are characterized by versatility and versatility of use. They fit both Arduino and Raspberry Pi tiles. Remember that the enclosure must fit to your set. Please read carefully the description of selected models. However, we know that their design is also important for you, so we offer a wide range of colours and patterns. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.