Adapters for motors

Mechanics refers to those areas in which precision and accuracy in the first place. Incorrect fold with each other the individual elements may not only provoke undesirable oscillations, but also lead to accelerated wear and even their full damage. A good illustration of this phenomenon can be problems with the drive shaft of the engine running, drive wheels, gears or other rotating parts, as well as connecting sensors with shaft engines. In this category you will find adapters for different engines, designed for easy and reliable connection of actuators and any other mechanical elements.

What to pay attention?

Many beginners give misled by the seeming ease with which you can combine, for example, the wheels of a mobile robot engines. In numerous structures of this type the wheels are driven directly through the motor shaft or gearbox. In a small, light work non-professional can use the connection in the preload – some wheels were adapted for this method of installation and the only question which it is necessary to pay attention to remains the correct choice of the diameter of the holes for mounting the wheels to the size of the axis of the engine. However, larger or more structures require other methods of attachment that not only provides the necessary rigidity of the connection (with no gaps), but also strength and stability. In such cases the aid of aluminum adapters for engines, known colloquially hubami fastening. The hubs are in the form of rings attached to the drive shaft with the screw legs, and the element Assembly (e.g., wheel) is connected to the ring by means of four threaded holes.

Other options adapters

In addition to the mounting hub (collaborating with propeller shaft diameters from 3 mm to 8 mm) in our offer you will find adapters for engines in the form of hex bushings, which are mounted from the both sides of the screws. Each adapter of this type is adapted to well – defined shaft diameters available in our store items have, on the one hand a hole with a diameter of 12 mm and 3 mm, 4 mm or 6 mm. of Course, in addition to mounting of the driving wheels mobile robots, elements of this type can also be used in other mechanisms, for example, to connect the axes of stepper motors with screw drive units, CNC self-generated or 3D printers. In this category you will also find a number of different type of adapters for the engines, for example, wheel bearings pulley (smooth or toothed), hubs, terminals, compatible with the operating system MakeBlock, or adapters, which allows you to combine different types of engines with wheels LEGO.

Connecting sensors with the mechanics of the robot

Special attention should be paid to the connection method of the motor shaft with the axis of the sensor. As the sensors are precise and relatively delicate sensors, you should not expose them to any fluctuations or voltage, which can occur when the axis of the sensor will not accurately correlate with the axis of the drive shaft. In such situations, you should use the flexible adapters for engines, often referred to as couplings for encoders. The elements of this type to accurately transmit the rotation of the shaft encoder, while reducing unwanted movement of the circular axis (the so-called heartbeat), and protecting, thus, the sensitive interior of the encoder.