Wi-Fi Modules

When WiFi technology appeared, it was a total revolution, which definitely improved the management of many devices and systems. It is a technology designed to send and receive information from communication devices. It is designed to provide access to the Internet, without which today it is difficult to imagine normal functioning in reality. WiFi network is used today in many ways. It is primarily known as a technology that allows you to use the Internet for entertainment and interesting leisure activities, as well as to communicate with other users or supplement your knowledge in a specific area. WiFi is also great for managing and controlling various devices. This is what WiFi modules, which you will find in our offer, are used for. They differ in frequency range, power voltage and type of microcontroller. Check our recommendations and use the WiFi module to control your PCB. 


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Products by page

Products by page

WiFi - wireless internet access

WiFi - Wireless Fidelity - is a technology that provides wireless Internet access. Initially, we could use it only with a cable, that is a direct connection of a modem with the Internet to a desktop computer. Nowadays we still have such an option, but the WiFi technology is definitely more convenient and creates more possibilities, more users can use the Internet. The technology is based on waves with the right frequency of transmitting and receiving. WiFi works in two frequencies: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. How does it work actually? A modem/router divides a specific part of the frequency into several channels that are not connected to each other. These channels allow for communication with several devices, sometimes there are 4-5, and sometimes several hundred. 

There are two methods of connecting WiFi networks to the Internet. The first is to access the network from your phone through the cell phone network you are using. The second option to use a WiFi router. More and more often this technology is used in intelligent building automation management systems. Moreover, it has found its application in industrial plants and production processes. It enables to control specific devices at a distance, while being out of the house or in another production hall. It is a very convenient solution, which is still being developed and improved. 

WiFi modules for Arduino boards and more!

WiFi modules are perfect for managing Arduino boards. These are mini-computers, i.e. commonly known devices in a miniaturized version, which increasingly often replace traditional computers. Such devices also use wireless communication, which makes it easier to establish a connection between several devices that work in WiFi network. The WiFi modules are equipped with a small size ESP8266 chip. It is supposed to control the connection of the board with the WiFi network. When at rest, it can draw very low current, as only 10µA. This solution allows us to send specific information about measurement data from various sensors to the board via WiFi. Furthermore, this way we can control the board in a wide range. Turn it on and off, as well as change technical parameters and settings or run additional functions. WiFi modules are the best option in this area, taking into account the continuous development of device control technology and the participation of minicomputers in advanced electronic projects. Wireless communication creates great opportunities to manage multiple devices, linking them together and creating a coherent, cooperating network. 

In our offer you can find WiFi modules with different number of analog inputs, GPIO outputs, pins and LEDs. The modules differ in frequency, power supply voltage, memory and interfaces.