Wi-Fi Modules

The wi-fi module - wi-fi-is a technology that uses radio waves to transmit and receive data from the communication device to provide access to the Internet. The number of users the wi-fi network is growing all the time. Wi-fi network, we can use not only in order to use the Internet as a source of knowledge and entertainment, but also to control different devices. In our offer you will find different wi-fi modules that meet the conditions of the IEEE 802.11 standard.


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Products by page

Products by page

How does wi-fi module?

Just as receivers and transmitters AM/FM radio, a wi-fi module for communication they use radio waves, which frequency range, however, goes beyond the radio frequency, reaching even the frequency of data transmission is 5 GHz. There are two methods of connecting to a wi-fi network to the Internet - the first includes Internet access from your phone via your network operator of mobile communication, and the second includes Internet access via wi-fi router. Using a wi-fi network, you can control, for example, a system presence simulation in the house, even in a place located several thousand kilometers.

Control Arduino via wi-fi network

Arduino WiFi - Modern technology is progressing year by year at a pace close to exponential. Engineers at the identical pace, working to reduce the size of devices and electronic components in order to get rid of extra wires. The process has gone so far that modern devices are considered portable, may be thus defined if physically located in a pocket of the user. Currently produced devices like hobbystycznego as a professional, use wireless connection but not to completely abandon wired connections, but for simple connection between multiple devices in a wi-fi network. Small size chip ESP8266, the defendants in the external management module for connecting Arduino to wi-fi at rest consumes the components of all current 10µa. Thanks to him, you can via wi-fi network on the Arduino to send information about the control signals and the required calculated data, obtained, for example, sensors of atmospheric pressure, for remote determination of weather conditions from a remote site to site measurements.