The servo type medium

Serwomechanizmy are the main drives in each workshop modelarza RC and robotics-lover. The ease and accuracy of control, small size and weight, high torque, and also – no less important – attractive price, responsible for the immortal (and it has been for many years) the popularity of this type of disk. Each project has, however, other requirements – why it is so important to be able select the model of the servo that will ideally fit the needs of the new design. In this category you will find Cervo media type – but how to understand this classification?


Voltage to
Voltage from
Servo - Size
Servo - Speed
Servo - Range

Micro, medium, standard, giant – size the supply

Serwomechanizmy for modeling, because of the size, can be divided mainly into four groups. The smallest – micro – characterized by a very low weight (several grams) torque level (basically, although this is not a hard and fast rule) from about 0.5 kg / cm to about 2 kg*cm In turn serwomechanizmy separate beds typically weigh about 40-50 grams and reaches torques from a few kg to several tens kg*see The large servo – giant – able to perform torques at 40 and even over 60 kg*cm, which is, of course, the price of greater weight and size. And where in all this place for servo type psychic? They form a bridge between the micro and the models of standard – torques obtained for this type of servo are at the level of from several to less than 10 kg*cm, and weight in most cases does not exceed 20-30 g.

For each something nice

The servo type environment, unlike the micro flow, much more can be found in reputable designs with metal gears. Of the cheap feed has plastic gears, and the models on the top shelf, in addition to metal modes also have ball bearings, which in combination with the metal gear significantly improves the quality and increases uptime servo. The best servo type of environment and can boast a modern engine bezrdzeniowym, which has a small inertia allows to obtain a speed of 0.06 sec / 60 ° (i.e., almost two times higher than in classic!), and – very importantly – the size of the control remains small, and the torque is much higher than in the other! the type of medium.

Small and nimble

In our assortment you will find all kinds of servos-type medium from the leading manufacturers of RC accessories – including brands such as Hitec, PowerHD whether Freetech. In simpler applications, ideal low-cost, lightweight serwomechanizmy HD-1250MG, torque-3.5 kg*cm and a mass of 25 g or HD-1711MG – reaching the same torque at the ground below as much as 30 %. The middle shelf is the type of medium is models such as DGS S90 S05NF (3.19 kgf*cm) or a fast servo company Hitec - HS-81 (3.0 kg*cm, weight 16,6 g). For really complicated projects, we recommend a great model PowerHD – R6 (7.5 kg*cm, 28,5 g) or incredibly strong for his small size servo R9 (9 kgf*cm, 35 g).