Switches end

We invite all masters and electronics categories in which we offer the mechanical sensors, using the end position, ie the so-called limit switches. We offer you a selected range, attractive for its price, but also high quality. The range of switches in various sizes, krańcówki plain, with long or short levers, steel coil, straight and curved, the mini-version and the corresponding system Grove. Each, of course, will pick up in Botland something for yourself!


Switch - type2
Switch - shape
Switch - backlight

Limit switches

What they offered in the shop Botland switches, limit switches? The types themselves limit switches are not installed the whole lot and they have many uses. The most popular on the market and most widely used Electromechanical krańcówki dźwigniowe which dominated on mechanics and robotics. The main task of the limit switches is not installed, is the detection of the specified position of the movable element and the reaction to achieve a certain position by enabling or disabling the power supply. Switches, in addition to the main action, can have numerous additional functions, e.g. alarm.

Separation of the limit switches are not installed

Themselves types of separation can be applied very much. Highlighting types of switches, we should start with criterion methods of detecting obstacles. Electromechanical – the most common, have a simple design and normal conditions reliable. Detect the obstacle most often with movable arms connected to the electrical connector located on the housing.

Types of switches end position

The other type is a magnetic sensor. Instead of the lever used in magnets. Upon approaching each other occurs induction current, which is interpreted as approaching the obstacle. This type of switches limit are particularly accurate, but susceptible to electromagnetic interference. The last type are optical sensors. Built of receiver and transmitter system is vulnerable to contamination that can lead to its incorrect operation. These sensors are usually used in the field of robotics, which requires particular accuracy and smooth operation.