STM32 Nucleo boards

Microprocessors have been popular among professionals and hobbyists for decades. STMicroelectronics which introduced the STM32 Nucleo development platform plays significant part in this sector.

Products by page

Products by page

The platform was created for the beginner programmers of embedded systems and for those who want to broaden their knowledge and develop skills in programming microcontrollers and create new, useful projects.

Necessary accessories with the manufacturer's support

STMicroelectronics' STM32 Nucleo modules are based on the 32-bit STM32 series of microcontrollers. They are a perfect solution for anyone who would like to start their adventure with programming versatile and affordable circuits. The board powered by the USB port is ready to be set up and programmed as soon as it is connected to the computer. The STM32 Nucleo modules provide a fully integrated development environment - apart from the microcontroller board, they contain a programmer, a debugger and a compiler. The STM32 modules available in the Botland online store come with an ARM Cortex microcontroller with clock frequencies ranging from 32 to 216 MHz and flash memory from 64 kB to 2 MB. The boards are also equipped with a set of digital and analog inputs/outputs, including a standard ST-LINK communication interface with a built-in debugger. STM32 boards work successfully with computers with the Linux operating system. In case you should need help, the manufacturer of STM32 Nucleo modules provides free downloadable applications that can be found at and that should be useful in developing your own ideas.

STM32 Nucleo - embedded systems suitable for everyone

With the Nucleo STM32 board, you can create many interesting device designs - from a mosaic of flashing LEDs to advanced projects that use GPIO ports, analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, I2C interface, LCD displays and many more. The STM32 Nucleo modules can also be used with various external devices, such as dedicated shields equipped with SSR relays, measurement sensors, DC motor controllers, stepper motor controllers and WiFi modules. On our offer you can also find exhaustive educational kits for a free training in the use of STM32 Nucleo modules from scratch. The course content is available at

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