STM32 Nucleo

Microprocessor-based technique for several decades is constantly popular for both Amateur and professional. On the field, play a major role in the company ST Microelectronics, which released a development platform, STM32 Nucleo. It was created with beginners programistach think about embedded systems, but also for those advanced who want to expand their knowledge and develop skills in programming microcontrollers and create new and interesting projects.

Products by page

Products by page

The necessary equipment, along with support from the manufacturer

Kits STM32 Nucleo stmicroelectronics developed on the basis of 32-bit microcontrollers the STM32 family. These kits are a very good solution for those who want to start learning about programming these versatile and affordable systems. Tile runs directly through the USB port immediately after connection to the computer, ready to customize and start programming. Kits STM32 Nucleo are a fully integrated development environment. For a fee, with contain microcontroller programmer, debugger, and compiler. Available the store Botland sets available STM32 microcontroller with ARM Cortex with a clock frequency from 32 MHz to 216 MHz and FLASH memory from 64 KB to 2 MB. Tiles also have a set of digital and analog inputs/outputs, including standard communication connector ST-LINK with a built-in debugger. Tile STM32 successfully cooperated also with computers equipped with the Linux operating system. The manufacturer sets STM32 Nucleo also provides a free app you download from the site that will be useful when developing their own ideas.

STM32 Nucleo system, built-in for each

In the base plate STM32 Nucleo, you can create many interesting projects devices - from mosaic, built from blinking LEDs up to additional designs that use GPIO ports, converters analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog, I2C interface, LCD display and others. For modules STM32 Nucleo, you can attach various external devices, such as special pads include, in particular, in relays, SSR, sensors, measuring, controllers, DC motors, drivers, stepping motors, or wi-fi modules. In our offer there are also kits for training free training course of operation of the modules of the STM32 Nucleo from scratch. The course content is available on the website