STM32 Nucleo

STM32 Nucleo is a development platform related to microprocessor technology. It is an innovative proposition, despite the fact that the microprocessor technology itself is not new - it has been enjoying unflagging popularity for several decades. It is a platform that is used in both amateur and professional applications. STM - ST Microelectronics is of great importance in this field. It was she who introduced the STM32 Nucleo development platform to the market. The Nucleo version was created for beginner embedded systems developers. On the other hand, it is also suitable for people with a more advanced level of knowledge and skills who want to expand their knowledge and develop skills in the field of programming microcontrollers and create new, interesting projects.

Products by page

Products by page

Certainly, the use of this platform will be an ideal solution for anyone looking for a new development platform. It is also very useful because microprocessor technology solutions are becoming more and more popular and more future-proof. In this category you can buy dedicatedSTM32 Nucleo boards that will be useful for your projects! Check them all below!

STM32 Nucleo – original equipment and support from the manufacturer

STM32 Nucleo kits from ST Microelectronics are designed based on 32-bit STM32 microcontrollers. Electronic kits presented in this category are a very good solution for anyone who would like to start their adventure with programming these versatile systems. Despite the fact that the STM32 Nucleo boards will give you a lot of design possibilities, they are not too expensive, so it's really worth getting to know them better! The board is powered directly through the USB port and immediately after connecting to a computer, it is ready to be configured and started programming. Nothing could be easier!

STM32 Nucleo – integrated development environment

STM32 Nucleo kits provide a fully integrated development environment. In addition to the standard PCB with a built-in microcontroller, the kits also include a programmer, debugger and compiler. The STM32 sets available on this subpage of the Botland store are sold with an ARM Cortex microcontroller with a clock frequency of 32 MHz to 216 MHz and a FLASH memory with a capacity of 64 KB to 2 MB. The boards are also equipped with a set of digital and analog inputs / outputs, including a standard ST-LINK communication connector with an integrated debugger. STM32 boards successfully cooperate with computers with Linux operating system. The manufacturer of the STM32 Nucleo kits also provides free applications for download from, which will be helpful in developing your own ideas.Use them completely for free, expand your existing knowledge in the field of electronics, automation and robotics, and have fun at the same time!

STM32 Nucleo – great embedded systems for any programmable electronics enthusiasts

Thanks to the STM32 Nucleo electronic board, you will be able to create many interesting device designs. Start with a variety of projects made of flashing LEDs, construct casual projects with communication between components. With the STM32 Nucleo, you will have no difficulty in developing these very advanced electronic constructions using components such as GPIO ports, analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, I2C interface, LCD display and others.

To the STM32 Nucleo modules, you can also attach various external devices, such as dedicated covers equipped with, among others in SSR relays, measurement sensors, DC motor drivers, stepper motor drivers and WiFi modules. The Botland store also offers complete educational kits for the free course of learning how to use STM32 Nucleo modules from scratch. Start education combined with great fun guaranteeing continuous development.

The Botland store was founded by a group of programmable electronics 'and robotics' enthusiasts and this is why you should not hesitate if you would like to ask us about something. We will be more than happy to help you!