Sensors for Arduino

The Arduino platform from years, the saints deserved triumphs. Easy programming, wide variety one hundred percent compatible overlap (Arduino Shield), as well as the existence of different versions of tiles – so official, and all kinds of clones and models, compatible hardware and software with Arduino – leads to the fact that the environment constitutes an integral part of the Amateur robotics. These small tiles can also be found in many "serious" applications. In this category we have placed various sensors for Arduino, and the range is so wide that we had to divide the list into several sub-categories.


  • Sensor kits for Arduino Sensor kits for Arduino

    The sets of sensors, Arduino-compatible plates

  • Series Grove for Arduino Series Grove for Arduino

    All active lovers of technology and structural design based on Arduino and Raspberry Pi looking for ways to save money on your prototype production or science. In Grove you can count on full compatibility with minikomputerami, attractive price and good quality. These are...

  • A series of Gravity for Arduino A series of Gravity for Arduino

    Company DFRobot probably don't need to imagine because it is always present in the world of developers and designers. It is engaged in the production of high quality plates, modules and other equipment working with the Arduino. Gravity is a series of sensors on these...

  • Other sensors Other sensors

    Motion, distance, sound and many other sensors and modules that can be connected to Arduino.

Products by page

Products by page

Sets of sensors for Arduino

Contrary to popular belief, compatibility of external components from the Arduino to ensure it is easy – enough to guarantee that the voltage level (5 VDC or 3.3 V for some versions of the controller) and current consumption values (preferably should not exceed a few tens of milliamps). If the item does not require a large number of wires, often quite a few kabelków male-female or żeńsko-female, to be able to enjoy running. But what if you are just starting the adventure and would like to learn more about programming and electronics? Will definitely get available in our offer kits of sensors for Arduino. Each of them includes a set of sensors, and many others, the main elements that will allow You to become familiar with various aspects of electronics – support analog and digital inputs, digital outputs, standards of local serial data (I2C, UART, SPI), or modulation PWM.

Series DFRobot Gravity

The designers of company DFRobot know very well how confusing and complicated electronics, especially in combination with the programming of microcontrollers, at the beginning of the adventure to this beautiful area. So they created a line of products DFRobot Gravity. Each module connects to Arduino using three-wire supplying power to the circuit Board (wires: black and red) and signal transmission to the microcontroller (for sensors) or outputs (in the case of the Executive modules, for example, a buzzer or relay). Importantly, the colors of the wires and goldpinów on a special pad make it easy to identify the function of this module. DFRobot Gravity allows you to quickly find support different types of sensors through the implementation of many interesting projects ready examples or your own imagination.

Other sensors for Arduino

In the matter of sensors we are the experts – have to see how powerful offer these extremely important components and modules, we have collected in this category. No matter whether you want to make your bedroom a detector of flooding, soil moisture measurement, temperature, distance from the obstacle if the speed of rotation of the wheels of the robot from a mobile device – in our store you will find all the sensors which can be imagined. For convenience, all sensors for Arduino offers Botland pogrupowaliśmy into specific subcategories, making it easy to compare close to each other components and choose the one that best fits Your new project.