Sensors for Arduino

The Arduino platform has been considered for years as probably the best solution in the field of programmable electronics. The main advantages are: ease of programming, a wide range of fully compatible overlays (Arduino Shields) and the availability of different versions of main boards (the official ones and hardware compatible substitutes). All these means that Arduino platforms, together with the Arduino IDE programming environment, have become an integral part of robotics. Both amateurs and professionals reach for tiles. The tiles have entertainment and research applications, and are also used to develop businesses (including projects related to the Internet of Things and production lines). In this category we have placed various sensors for Arduino, which offer is so wide that we had to divide the list into several more subcategories. From a technical point of view, sensors are devices that provide information about the appearance of a particular stimulus or exceeding a given value. We invite you to familiarize yourself with various sensors, including sensor sets for Arduino, the Grove series, the Gravity series and other products.


  • Sensor kits for Arduino Sensor kits for Arduino

    The sets of sensors, Arduino-compatible plates

  • Series Grove for Arduino Series Grove for Arduino

    Do you use Arduino or Raspberry Pi boards? Are you a DIY enthusiast who enjoys experimenting and developing new systems and projects from electronics? Or maybe you are a professional who can provide some people with intelligent lighting in their houses or a weather station...

  • A series of Gravity for Arduino A series of Gravity for Arduino

    Do you prototype? Do you develop projects in the field of electronic devices? Are you a do-it-yourselfer who experiments with systems to make your everyday life and certain activities easier? Excellent, in that case you should be interested in Gravity system, which was created...

  • Other sensors Other sensors

    Motion, distance, sound and many other sensors and modules that can be connected to Arduino.

Products by page

Products by page

Sensor sets for Arduino

The purchase of additional sensors for Arduino is a recommended solution that will expand the range of possibilities. By buying these sensors, you will be able to create even more different projects. The beginners, however, very often may have a problem with choosing the right sensors. A good way is to buy a ready-to-use set of sensors for Arduino!

All products offered by Botland in this category are fully compatible with other Arduino components. The products have compatible voltage levels (up to 5 V DC or 3.3 V for some versions of the controller) and an appropriate value of current drawn (not exceeding a few or a dozen milliamperes).

From a technical point of view, when choosing sensors for Arduino, it is also worth paying attention to the number of wires. In a situation where a given element requires a small number of wires, most often just a few male-female or female-female cables are needed to be able to enjoy a working system. If you are just starting the adventure and would like to learn as much as possible in the field of programming and electronics, be sure to reach for the Arduino sensor sets available in our offer. Each set contains a set of sensors and many other basic elements. One purchase guarantees you successful fun while designing your own devices (even robots!).

DFRobot Gravity and Grove series – familiarize yourself with the best sensor sets for Arduino!

The designers from DFRobot know well how complicated and not easy electronics is, especially when related programming microcontrollers. To make the easiest beginnings of getting to know electronics, as well as further development in this field, special sensor sets for Arduino were created (many of them are also compatible with Raspberry devices!).

The DFRobot Gravity series is the best quality products. Each module is connected to Arduino using a three-core cable that provides power to the board (black and red wires). It enables signal transmission to the microcontroller. What's more, the colors of the wires and gold pin on the dedicated overlay allow easy identification of the function of the module. This makes installation and operation of modules very easy. The DFRobot manufacturer allows you to familiarize yourself with many ready-made examples of projects that you can create.

The same can be said about the Grove series, which is also available in the Botland online store. These are sets of sensors for Arduino, which are perfect both at the beginning of the adventure and during its duration. Equip yourself with the necessary sensors and carry out projects according to your own imagination!

Other sensors for Arduino

We are specialists in the field of Arduino sensors – please be sure to see how powerful the offer of these extremely important elements and modules we have gathered in this category!

It does not matter if you want to make a bathroom flood detector, soil moisture meter, remote thermometer, intelligent vacuum cleaner or robot wheel speed meter. You can complete all of the above-mentioned projects (as well as millions of others) using the components presented in our store. Choose a set of sensors right now or choose some individual products from the list. In Botland Store you will be able to choose the sensors that will suit the project you are working on perfectly!