Wheel-type Omni Wheel

Wheel drive is still the most popular and easy way of navigation land mobile platforms. In the case of robots, both Amateur and fully professional – has two independent wheels, making the car can move forward and backward, turn in any radius, and also rotate on the spot. But that's not all what you expect from a robot pie. Interestingly, in order to give designs unlimited opportunities for movement, sufficient to enable it only has three engines, and a special "bi-directional" wheels " Omni Wheel.


Motor - shaft

Omni Wheel, that is... the wheel in the wheel

In essence, the Omni Wheel is nothing like a circle, in the main, the perimeter of which found a series of rollers or small circles that are installed on individual axes at respective angles. Although it sounds incredible, such a solution allows design the treatment (and especially drive) in any direction. While normal wheels (in the conditions of no slip) occurs only perpendicular to its axis, wheel Omni Wheel and Mecanum like them can move also in the direction (parallel to its axis) and at any angle. For these additional movements the answer is these are miniature rollers that seem to take on "non-standard" components of the velocity vector, adjusting its speed to the actual needs.

Control wheel Omni Wheel

The underlying assumption in the management of all the robots are equipped with wheel-type Omni Wheel is as follows: the velocity vector the resulting work is a result of the Assembly of appropriately selected rotational speed of all wheels. For counting specific values requires knowledge of the geometry of the robot, i.e., the number and arrangement of wheels Omni Wheel. In the Internet you can find the mathematical description of the control of such robots (called mathematical models), where the degree of difficulty depends on the adopted method of modeling and the complexity of the design. Although a full understanding of the model (intensive trigonometry and algebra matrices) is needed to be able to implement in my program a control algorithm in any direction to carry out simple movements enough to know which disk and in which direction to turn in this situation – that can be easily identified even by graphical methods.

Wheel-type Omni Wheel in the range of Botland

In our offer you will find a wide selection of wheels, Omni Wheel, ideal for use in small mobile robots moving on a table or smooth floor. The simplest way to OW001 and OW002 – have outer diameters of, respectively, 41 and 51 mm, mounting holes 14 mm (with insert with a diameter of 10 mm). If you want to get more smooth motion, click wheel OW003 with optimally chosen form of rollers. All the rest, universal wheel, Omni Wheel, available in this category have two rows of rollers placed alternately. More precisely, they smooth the movement of the platform and provide the perfect support, regardless of the current angle of rotation of the wheel.