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Big button and switch the electric Category, the name of which at first glance loses a woman, I'm a stupid cliche, is fraught with the possibility of creating with a little creativity these miracles, as, for example, a private machine to play arcade type or a post originally from show family feud. Later just appropriately programmed buttons to enjoy a collaborative game with your friends. We invite you for shopping in our section Duuuże button, where you will find buttons in different colors and diameters.


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Products by page

Products by page

Button and switch electric - definition

What is the button? It may seem that to this question we know the answer, but to describe the method of its operation, from the technical side or construction, obviously, does not cease to be. A concise definition of button sounds – hand connector electrical low voltage. Button bracket, which has a small current and is used in control circuits and alarm systems. The button should return to its original position after releasing the acting on it external force, which temporarily enables or disables this circuit. In our section duuuże buttons you can get different buttons.

Everywhere button - Simple execution and complex projects

From all sides we are surrounded by buttons. Everywhere is full of different buttons, switches, and since some time also in operation of equipment that we use, including smartphones. Though sometimes they have separate buttons, but manufacturers are betting more on the touchpad, or they go even further and implement the management of voice and gestures (the famous assistant Google). In everyday life we meet them at every step. Currently, even the door to the transport opened with a button.

The world of buttons and switches

We invite you to familiarize with our offer in the section duuuże button, where we offer a lot of different buttons. Small, large, different colors, flat, inclined or rounded, with illumination and without any techie sometimes reaches after the button, no matter beginner or advanced, button, good for every technique. To buy anything in our online store Botland!

The types of buttons and their separation

Moving the moving contacts of the connector with the border position to the second position of the border we call displacement. The buttons can be divided into several types, depending on the adopted criterion. Just look in your house on the wall near the door, and we find it button. Also, while riding on the Elevator floor select button. Please contact our Department duuuże button and select something for yourself.