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Colorful, associating with quiz shows and games, present in practically all areas of our life. Large buttons are associated with a somewhat unreal world, while thanks to them we can create a very creative entertainment and play center. It's the big buttons that you'll use to build your own slot machine or prepare stands to play with your family and friends, where you'll compete with each other by answering your questions. The big buttons need to be programmed properly to fulfill their function. They are available in many variants. The most popular option is the large round buttons. They are available in different colors, which can also be important during the game or play. There are buttons that are illuminated and emit loud sounds. They have built-in LEDs and light in specific colors assigned to them. We can attach them, for example, to the table top or other flat surface, which affects the comfort of the game, the button does not change its position, does not move and is always "at hand".


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Products by page

Use of large buttons 

Push-buttons in other words, manual low-voltage electrical switches. They are characterized by low rated current and are used in signaling and control circuits. Buttons change their position after they are pressed, but after releasing the force (this time human) they return to their original position. It is this force that is responsible for the momentary switching on and off of a particular circuit. Buttons differ in size, color and shape. Sometimes they are in unusual patterns, which is especially important for the most twisted players. The most universal buttons are round shaped connectors, although rectangular and square ones also occur. Classic buttons can be in any color, often this is how we distinguish their functions. Buttons are omnipresent, we deal with them when using electronic equipment or household appliances. Their task is to start the device and select additional functions and set parameters. More and more often buttons are replaced by touch panels, but they are still used in many areas, including games. 

Which types of buttons are there? Which ones to choose?

Buttons differ primarily in appearance, which affects the visual effect of the game machine being built. Large buttons look very impressive. They will be used to create an entertainment center with a pinch of salt or exaggerated design. Moreover, their big advantage is very easy to use. The button is always visible and lies well in the hand, which we owe not only to its large size, but also to the appropriate contouring. Small buttons are used rather where we have limited space. Large buttons allow to realize more creative and original projects. 

Buttons come in different colors, usually they are intense and very expressive. Among the basic color variants are: red, green, blue and yellow. They can have a flatter or rounder surface. In addition, an interesting feature is the backlighting, which is made possible by the use of LEDs. They are made of lightweight, universal materials. Most often it is plastic, characterized by high plasticity, which translates into the ease of forming various shapes. Thanks to special nuts available in sets, large buttons can be attached to the surface of the tabletop. 

In our store there is a wide range of large buttons. You can choose flat or rounded buttons, in basic or more creative colors. They are available with backlighting, which translates into quality of play, as well as operation of the devices in which the buttons will be installed. They are also characterized by high resistance to damage and are easy to install. The buttons are very durable, some of the models that you will find in our offer in tests have a life span of 10,000,000 cycles, which confirms their solid performance.