The distance

Distance - the Use of versatile buildings in the design of electronic devices allows to create aesthetic and durable products, without having to invest in very expensive technology, known from mass production (e.g. injection molds for plastics). However, it rarely happens that a case is perfectly suited for electronics in all respects, even if the PCB design is made specifically for this model of housing. In such (and many other) cases come to the aid of a distance that allow you to easily determine the position of the tiles and other components of the device.

Products by page

Products by page

The types of materials used in the manufacture of ranges

Struts contains a wide range of applications – both in the installation of the individual printed circuit boards or sets (stacks), as in many systems, in mechanical, layouts, and sets the line ... 3D printers and robots. A metal sleeve, often made of brass, ideal for mounting heavier components, in particular, if the required relatively large distance (of the order of several tens of millimeters). Metal distance, also check the applications running at high temperatures (e.g., near the heads of 3D printers or near radiators). Plastic parts (most likely nylon or nylon) have a number of other advantages – excellent electrically isolated (which is especially important in systems operating at various capacities, in parts of the network power supplies, etc.), and in addition, they can compensate for small differences in size, if the manufacturing accuracy of the respective holes in both boards is too small to be the rigid metal distances. Distance is an item needed in each workshop electronics and robotics.

Thread, types and forms of distances

Metal spacers are made most often in the form of hexagonal bushings (although there are versions with a circular cross-section), and in the case of plastic elements is equally common round bushing, hex. Run hex are available usually in two different threads (internal and external) or both internal thread, while the distance round can have both threaded and smooth holes through the hinge. In the case of the thread indicates their size often in a standard metric (e.g., M2, M2,5, M3) and for round guide bushings manufacturers give just two diameters (external and internal). The use of distances with thread zewnętrzno-internal allows you to easily put many plates one above the other, by screwing the external thread of the same distance in the next hole.

Distances in the range of the online store Botland

In this category you will find a wide range of nylon bushings, on of different lengths – 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, or 20 mm with smooth through hole and the distance screw (s/y), with length from 6 to 25 mm). We can also supply the distance the brass of varying lengths, with thread M3 and M4. Tiles specifically for the Raspberry Pi, we have prepared sets of distances, along with compatible screws, and even nuts, and the bushings are threaded M2,5 length 10, 20 or 30 mm. For people often majsterkujących and professional seminars, we recommend that all sets of connecting elements made of metal or nylon and are available in a convenient, practical organizerach.