Fingerprint readers

Fingerprint readers have become staple tools over the years. They accompany us practically every day, because they can be found in most of the smartphones currently produced. It is hardly surprising.

Even nowadays, when technological development is so dynamic, no object is 100% protected against theft or data penetration. Mechanical locks can be severed, safes can be broken into, and computer passwords can be deciphered sooner or later. How can we make the protection of our valuable property more secure?

One of the most popular methods is the use of biometric devices. The basic biometric devices include fingerprint readers. These are devices that until recently were only available in forensics to help identify suspects of committing crimes. Today we commonly use fingerprint readers in phones and more.

If you are looking for fingerprint readers for your electronic projects, you've come to the right place! Familiarize yourself with all the products available in this category. You will surely find the right fingerprint reader for you.

How does the fingerprint reader really work?

A fingerprint scanner (fingerprint reader) is a device that uses a pressure sensor, but not only. The fingerprint scanner has a system of properly arranged LEDs. Throughout the process, light is sent onto a glass, plastic or transparent surface that our finger presses against. The quality of the fingerprint made may vary with each fingerprint application, depending on the degree of contamination of the finger, the test surface of the fingerprints or the color and intensity of lighting in the vicinity of the reader. The light emitted by the LEDs is reflected from the surface of the finger scanner. Then it is recorded by an image sensor based on CCD or CMOS technology. The longer the image scanning process takes, the brighter the image will be sent to the image sensor.

If the picture is too bright, it may distort the picture. This, in turn, will prevent the correct fingerprint reading. In such a situation, thanks to the built-in programming algorithm loaded on the control microprocessor, an appropriate light or sound signal will be sent to inform about the reading error. On the other hand, if the scanned fingerprint image is clear enough, the scanned fingerprint pattern is measured and compared with the pattern. If reading fails again, repeat the process. If the fingerprint reading matches the fingerprint pattern, the device is unlocked (or some other programmed function). In the case of many separate devices, the user will also be informed of this by light, sound or sound-light signal. The scanned image of the fingerprint is saved in the FLASH memory and then, via USB, WiFi or other communication method, sent to a computer that processes the data on the fingerprint for further purposes.

Why should I buy fingerprint reader at Botland store? What can I use this device for?

Fingerprint readers will be useful in many projects. Imagine that you want to create the perfect property security system yourself. A fingerprint reader can be a better verification method than a standard password protection. But that's not all. You can place such a reader in almost any project. Do you want to program the robot to run only for you? Install Fingerprint Reader then!

In this category, you can choose from a wide variety of devices. All of them are of the highest quality and compatible with programmable electronics. Choose the best!

Modern fingerprint readers at an affordable prices

The Botland store offers fingerprint reader modules from DFRobot, which ensure compatibility with Arduino. The price of our readers is very attractive. The built-in STM32 processor ensures high quality of work. These types of devices can work independently, i.e. without the need to connect to a computer. Built-in software enables intelligent image processing, comparison of fingerprints and searching the memory of saved fingerprints. In turn, the built-in memory allows you to store 1000 scans of prints. The DFRobot fingerprint reader module can be used as an access control device for various rooms. You can use such a fingerprint reader for both small and very advanced projects! If you have any questions - feel free to contact us!