Fingerprint readers

"Finger scanner" - Even in modern, technologically advanced times, no item is 100% theft protection. Mechanical locks can be cut for safes you can hack a password of a computer sooner or later can be decrypted. How we can improve the security of their precious property? One method is the use of biometric devices, and for such necessary device is a fingerprint reader - until recently were found only in criminalistics to help identify suspects in crimes, is currently used also to protect property.

How does the fingerprint scanner (finger scanner)?

The fingerprint scanner, the system is appropriately positioned LEDs that sends light on a glass, plastic or transparent surface on which a finger presses. The quality of the fingerprint can change each application fingerprint, depending on the degree of contamination of the fingers, the surface testującej prints or color and illumination in the immediate environment of the reader. The emitted LED light, it is reflected from the surface of the finger scanner and received via the image sensor based on CCD technology or CMOS. The longer the scanning of images, including a clearer image will be sent to the image sensor. If the image is too bright, this can lead to image distortion, that will prevent correct reading of the fingerprints and other important details. Then, in accordance with the algorithm of the program added to the microprocessor control, will be sent the appropriate signal light or audible signal informing about the read error and the need for its repetition. If the scanned image of the fingerprint is clear enough, it is the measurement and comparison of system of a scanned fingerprint with the template. In case of repeated failure read, you must rescan, and if it had been done successfully, the reader will signal this fact to the appropriate signal light or sound. The scanned fingerprint image is saved in FLASH memory and then via USB wi-fi network or other communication method is transmitted to a computer which processes data on made an imprint on the future goals.

Modern fingerprint scanner at an affordable price

The store Botland available modules of fingerprint readers from DFRobot, which provide compatibility with the Arduino, and the cost is very attractive. Built-in STM32 processor provides high-quality work. These readers can operate as a standalone device without connecting a computer, and built-in software allows intelligent image processing, a comparison of prints and poke around in memory, the stored fingerprints. Built-in memory can store up to 1000 scans of the prints. Module fingerprint reader DFRobot can be used as access control devices for various areas, as well as protection from the start of the vehicle by unauthorized persons.